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I got the best brother in the world!

I got the best brother in the whole world! I didnt want to buy a big expensive camera, but my brother said: Melina I will buy you a camera for late birthday present and christmas present 😀 WEEEHOOO!!! So my brother bought me a Olympus SZ-31MR 😀 really really nice camera 😀 Now I have eat dinner and I will go in to town and meet my dear friend Emz 🙂


Wii U-day

Same boring weather today too! Snow, snow and more snow 😦 Today when I woke up my brother had already gone to the store and bought the new Nintendo Wii U 😀 So today I will try to play a bit while I try to pack my things for the trip …
Today I will go shopping for a new camera since my old one is shit and I want to take lots of pictures  so I can put up on the blog 🙂

I have the worlds most spoiled dog! His winter coat is the most expensive one in  my family and he has his own bed! Like a real bed… He have 5 beds but this one is a real bed 🙂 But he loves his little bed and at night he lies in hes little bed and snore 🙂 sooo CUTE!

Thailand – 6days

Today I meet my dear best friend Jeimie!!! I really hope that I have time to meet her again before I leave.

I start to get a bit nervous now,I really dont know why because its Thailand its not a big deal…but I just have this nervous feeling. I think everything will go just fine… I just need to be a bit organized and look up how to get to different places so I can fix everything  with the visa.

Sometimes life is as it should be

Time goes fast when you having fun. Thats how I felt yesterday when I met the girls. Time ran away and everyone had so much to talk about 🙂 It was really fun to meet you all! Here in Stockholm it is about 10cm of snow and cold! Its not my type of weather at […]

Girls night out!

Girls night out!

I will soon meet the girls from class. I dont understand why I still say the girls from class when it was 5 years ago we were in the same class 🙂 We usuly do one reunion pr year and its really fun 🙂 The picture is almost exactly a year old and we will see how many of the girls are coming tonight but I know we will have fun tonight 🙂

I want it now!

I want it now!

Its raining and snowing at the same time and its cold. Not even my dog ​​wants to go out in this weather. Im getting a bit stressed because I havent packed or even booked my ticket to Thailand! On Friday I get my salary so I can book my ticket then. My plan is to fix a job and stay in the same place for about 6months without any stress 🙂 Im tired of this weather! I want the sun, the warmth, beaches and happy people enjoying the weather and life! and dont forget the cheap drinks and good food 🙂 My dream will be true soon.



It has rain allt day today so I have baked some cinnamon rolls. Some with suger on and some with daim on and its yummy yummy in my tummy!!!

The Office

Wondering what to do today? Its raining right now and I dont really feel like going out. I could not sleep last night so I went to bed at 08:00 and woke up around 13:00 …. I feel like an old sofa. I will make a big breakfast and watch some episodes of The Office. Must also just add that when I worked in Norway, in my department at the support, it was exactly like in The Office! Every character overview is 😀

Who would I be … When I work, Im probably a mix of Pam, Kelly and Meredith 🙂

The best friend in the whole world

Today I had a busy day! Woke up quite early because I had to go out with my dog. Later in the day I went into town to meet up with Maria. We drank some tea and talked about the weekend on the boat. Then everyone else came into town who also had been on the boat, because three of them lives in Gothenburg, so they took the train home. After we dropped them of the train we went to a another cafe to drink more tea. After that, I met my best best best friend James to drink more tea! James and I have known each other for over 20 years and he is like a brother for me 🙂  When he was like 17  he quit school to move to Thailand! But now hes on  “vacation” in Sweden. We talked for 4 hours 🙂  I dont know if  I have time to meet him here in Sweden again, but if not we will soon meet in Thailand 😀

Its me in pink clothes and James in blue shirt and gray pants and we are maybe 5-6 years old 🙂

Cruse 2012

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If you have read my previous posts you know that I have been on a cruise this weekend. I dont really know where to start but we had really fun!

We started with dinner buffet and you can eat and drink how much food, beer and wine you want 🙂 Most of us ate more dessert than food. After dinner we went down to the tax-free shop to buy alcohol for the pre-party 🙂 We had 4 cabins for 13 people and of course the pre-party was in our cabin 🙂

As you can see in the pictures everyone have mustache … It was a little repeat from a couple of weekends ago but after all its still Movember. After a few rounds of Tequila, Fireball, Koskinkorwa, beer and cider, we went up to the club for some party! Inside the club we met lots of fun people including Elvis, KISS, the shoe-eating-man and the salsa guy and many many more.

One of the guys started to have a chip wars in our room so there was three bags of chips everywhere and because everyone had spilled a lot of alcohol on the floor it was like mashed potatoes on the floor. We could not step on the floor without getting dirty and the smelled inside our cabin was puke!!! It was so difficult to sleep in there! After 4 hours of sleep we ate some food and continue the day with buckets. When we came in land everyone wanted all play pool and drink a few beers, but when it was 22:00 we were all tired and ready to sleep. We had  really really fun and we will certainly do this again 🙂

I will tell you a secret

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Yesterday I went to my friend Eddi on Garlic and shots which is a really nice restaurant. Everything on the menu has garlic, even the cocktails and beers, everything! I love garlic, so for me this was no problem 🙂 But as you can see at the picture,  I took a King Size Burger! It was sooo great and a lot of fries… I was really really full after not even half of the burger!

Now to the point, my secret … This happened for the first time in Japan when me and Adam was eating dinner … but that time is probably still the worst time. I end up in a food coma when I eat too much! Most people get a little tired after eating but I can barely walk or talk normally and my eyes can not keep itself up! I get high on the food 😀 Sounds crazy but its true. Its a little sad because me and Eddi almost only meet once a year because Im never home in Sweden and then I also end up in a food coma! FUN!

Thats a good sign  because then it means that the food is so good that I cant stop eat and I fill myself with food up to my ears 🙂

We will see how it goes tonight when me and a group of friends go on a cruise and the first 2-3h are with all-you-can-eat food and also beer and wine are included… so tomorrow in the newspaper “Girl overboard!”



Today is Friday and this will be a good good day 🙂 I will meet my fiend Eddi for dinner! After dinner we dont have any plans….But I think it will be cinema or party we will see 🙂 Every time me and Eddi go to the movies there is always something wrong …. Once we watched  the “Black sheep” and he screamed like a little girl (its a crappy horror-comedy) another time we missed the whole movie because we was drinking beer before the movie and another time when we were going to watch the premiere of “Cars” we thought the movie already had started but it turned out that we came to the end of the movie so we saw the end twice 😦 So it will be fun to see how this night will end:)

My first step into the world

My first step into the world

Now that I have finished cleaning, I found my first shoes, a pair of Converse. They are about 5cm long and really cute! I guess it was the beginning of this crazy shoe fetish that I have now… I have about 30 pairs of shoes and I cant stop buying shoes! The feeling when I buy a pair of shoes its one of the best feelings!
Not much has changed since I took the first step into the world in my pink Converse. I still walk around the world in my Converse but now they are purple 🙂

My blog crossed the line today

My blog crossed the line today

I have had over 1000 readers on my blog now 😀 I have had my blog in 24 days and have an average of 42 readers pr day 🙂 I think its so much fun that I actually have this many readers! When I started blogging, I thought “what will I write about so that people want to read my blog” But I had no idea what I would write and I started to write something from my everyday life.
Im very happy to have so many readers 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and keep reading, commenting and like 🙂

Crazy time


I know im a bit crazy but I needed something sweet so I did some lemon muffins 🙂 In my world is perfectly normal to bake muffins 23.00 🙂 I also did chai latte sooooo GOOD!!

Almost finished

Almost finished

Today I have been really bad at updating. I could not sleep last night so I woke up very late so right after breakfast I started to clean up again. All day I have cleaned… I have just eaten dinner and I will fix the last box then Im finished with everything 🙂
Tomorrow I need to start fix with my tickets to Thailand cus its ot that far now 🙂

Mission completed! WOHO

I have done so much stuff today! I woke up really early and took a cup of tea with my granny 🙂 Then I did some calls to my bank, the tax office, clean the basement 🙂 and I cant just do boring things today so I booked a cruise to Finland with my friends this weekend and that will be CRAZY!
But now I will go out with my little dog and then its  cuddel time!! Me, Pelé and some SpongeBob SquarePants episodes.

Cleaning day

Cleaning day

It feels a bit weird to be back in Stockholm. It feels like before, that I will only be here for maby 2 days and then go back to Oslo…but not this time 🙂 I will be here for 2 weeks!!! But today me and my granny took a cup of tea and eat some banana buns (mabye its sounds iiiuuuu but it was soooo good)
I will finish my tea and give granny a hug and then go down to my moms basement and clean and pack so I get some space for my things. I think that will take all of my time today…. 😦 Boring first day but if I fix all the boring stuff now I dont need to do it later 🙂

Tea with granny


Cozypozy time! !

On my way to Stockholm


Sorry that the picture is not sharp at all but I had 4 bags to carry so it was a bit tricky to hold the camera 🙂 In 7,5h I will be in Stockholm!!

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