15 things to do in Tokyo

  • Yoyogikoen-The best park to hang out on a sunny day and watch all the street dancers and musicians and all others who want to show off.
  • Jingu Bridge-Go there on a Sunday and check out all the emo, barbie girls, gothic lolita, visual ke and cosplayers (but always ask before you take a picture)
  • Takeshita Street-You can find everything here! From gothic clothing to pink fluffy skirts to boy band stores. This is a fashion mecca where everyone wants to be noticed and stand out as much as possible.
  • Creps cafe-you just have to try a crepe in any of the  crepe places. They are soooo goood!
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building-This is free and has an awesome panoramic view, if the weather is good you should be able to see Fuji.
  • Kabuki-cho-This is Tokyo’s redlight district and you have to go here at night when all the lights are on and flashing. Here you have everything from clubs, izakayan, love hotel, casino, karaoke, arcade halls etc.

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  • Love hotel-You will find it almost everywhere but you can find it mainly in Kabuki-cho and shibuya
  • Odaiba-You go there by boat or underground. It’s nice to just take a walk here. You can also see Tokyo’s Statue of Liberty and it is a completely different view of Tokyo.
  • Shibuya-This is the world’s busiest intersection. If you go into the hotel and go up as far as you can, you have really good view and then you can even see the football field on the roof of the other house.
  • Asakusa-Here you can check out at Sensoji temple or take the boat to Odaiba or check out the golden “sperm, flame, chilli” or whatever it is.
  • Rent a bicycle-I recommend that you rent a bicycle in Asakusa. It costs 200 yen for 24 hours.
  • Hideaway-This is a bar up in a wooden hut on Harajuku street, it is really cozypozy!
  • Tokyo Sky Tree- The worlds tallest building.
  • Arcade halls-You find it everywhere, but especially in Kabuki-cho and Akihabara.
  • Akihabara (Electrik Town)-Here you will find a lot of electronic stuff and entertainment. Go to a  made cafe​​, cat cafe or the 6-storey porn shop etc.
  • Then there are many other things to do: Try a japanese toilet, sushi, fish market, party, karaoke etc, etc, etc.

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