They call him “This Man”

This is really scary! Have you seen This Man in your dreams? Because if you have, you are not alone.
In 2006 there was a patient who visited her psychologist because she dreamed about a man. She draw a picture of this man in her dreams but the psychologist did not know who the man was. The picture remains on the psychologists desk for a few days until another patient comes in and says “that is The Man I dream about” and pointing on the picture. The psychologist send the picture to a few of his colleagues, which in turn shows the picture to their patients, which in turn also says that it is This Man they have seen in their dreams. Today it is over 2000 people around the world who agree that they also have seen this man in their dreams.
Have you seen This Man?


About melinaka1

Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. I love to travel, I did my first travel with a friend when I was 15 and after that I couldnt stop... I want to see more, more and more. But the most importaint thing for me is all the people I meet, all the new experience they give me and all the amazing storys they have and with a mix of everything I get more brave, explored, smarter, so in the end I get richer of life

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