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Happy New Year!!

In 15min its new year here so Happy New Year!!!!!


Full power!!

So what have I done today … it was hot today but cloudy. Later in the day we went down to Haad Rin and watched the bikini contest! What a joke! Guys in small neon shorts that follow the girls on “catwalk”. It looked really stupid because the guys did not knew what to do and the girls…wow…it didnt looked good at all…. It must be drawn up. Its tourists vs ladyboys and I think the ladyboys is the hottest. It was the worst competition I have ever seen! When we got home the power was off on the whole island for 2hours. So we lighted candles. Would have been perfect to watch a movie but as I said there was no power … Tonight its jungle experience again but right now its raining so I dont know if I will go … its still 4h left until I tend to be there 🙂

Hot Hot Hot


Today I have been to a sauna!! Haha sounds weird but yes it was sooo hot!! After sauna we went to a really nice beach and eat some lunch…After that we just drove around and saw a lots of jungle and mountains 🙂 It was so nice! It has been a really relaxing day so I will just be home and chill with the “gang” at my hotel 🙂


Yesterday it was the Jungle Experience again. We was there at 3:30 so all the drunk bucket people have gone home and its just good people there 🙂 It was really good music yesterday, so I stay until it closed 09.00 🙂
I ended up in a difficult situation when I stood outside and ate my food. It came out two French girls from the party and one of the girls was crying and the other could barely walk. Right in front of me one of the girls was falling down and the other starts screaming! I go over to help her up but she gave no response so I put her up and her eyes roll back and she starts to vomit. The other girl trying to get some help. I begin to ask the girl if she had taken any drugs and after a while she says that someone hit her in the head. So I guess that she had concussion. Her friend and a guy comes back and he starts talking to her and he hugs her. She faints again and the guy put her head down and her heart stopped for a while!! I tell the guy that she must go to the hospital now but he was screaming that she was not going to a hospital and then he spit on me!!!! I dont want to see anyone die! so there was only one thing to do … I hit him in the face and he was so drunk so he was gone for some minutes. Me and another guy carried her into a taxi that drove her to the hospital. Do not know where she lives so I do not know how she is now but I think she is ok 🙂
Because I had lost my shoes and my pants were ripped and I looked like a dirty hippie, the police felt so sorry for me so they derived me home 🙂 So nice of them to do that!
Tonight it is fullmoon so maybe I will go to the fullmoon party tonight…We will se 🙂



Sorry for not update! Christmas has been just fine 🙂 The 24th, on Scandinavian christmas, I went to 7/11… bought some Sangsom and coke. 3 really really cool asian guys was rolling in to 7/11 whit there scooters so we started to talk whit them. They was from South Korea and they asked us if we want to be there guests and come in for free…Who say no to something free 🙂 so we came in there for free and the korean guys loved to dance so we danced untill 09.00 in the morning and after that I bought a sandwich on 7/11 and walked all the way home,1h. It was a good party! Yesterday I went to a British christmas dinner but we came a bit late so everyone was already drunk 🙂 like the Swedish christmas 🙂 Later that night we listen to some good music on my beach and relax before we went to the crowded christmas party in Haad rin 🙂 Today I have no plans maybe just chill on the beach all day 🙂

Marry Christmas!


Yesterday was a good day… I didnt do so much but it was a good day anyway 🙂 Today is Christmas! In Scandinavia we celebrate christmas on the 24th. I will celebrate my Christmas on skype with my family and after that I will go to Djungle experience. Its so cloudy today so unfortunately I can not wish you a sunny Christmas but its warm so I send you a warm Christmas greeting from Koh Phangan!!!


Yesterday it was cloudy so I lay on the beach for 3 hours, and of course I fell asleep 🙂 Later that night we went to a bar that has jam sessions so everyone who can play an instrument or sing can go up and sing/play. It was quite nice but we was there so early so before it started we were already tired… So we went to 7/11 to buy us a coke and Sangsom 😀 as usual, I always find my 7/11 🙂 Yesterday I discovered that I have a puppy as a neighbor, but later in the evening when I came home, his mother had suddenly three puppies! The mother and the puppies are black except one of them who is brown and much smaller than the other two puppies so I think the black mother has adopted the little brown puppy 🙂 I gave them a yogurt and all four fell asleep on my terrace. The problem came later when the mother left the puppies all by themselves and they can not get down from the ladder itself apart from one of them.  Around 6 in the morning the puppies woke me up because one of the puppies managed to get down and was stuck in vines under my house. I could not just ignore the little puppy that squeaked under my house so I had to go up on the help him. I have started to feed them from the neighbors house so they hang on there terrace instead of my 🙂


Yesterday was a looong day. I was so tired but I couldnt sleep so I took a walk for 2h and 42min, I took time 😀 When I got back home it was so dark and I didnt see anything so I step on a big frog!!!! AAAAH That was so disgusting!!! I almost puked! But today its Saturday and the world is still alive so….Maybe drinking tonight. This morning I took a walk on the beach in to town, bought some breakfast and now I will try to fix my Ipod so I can listen to music when I take a nap in the sun 🙂

Koh Phangan

Finally I have arrived on Koh Phangan! Its beautiful weather here and I live 3m from the beach! can it be better?! The plan is to take it pretty easy tonight, but I never know what happens … The Half Moon Party and the “end of the world” Party is tonight so. We will see when I will rent a scooter so I can explore the island but I will do it soon 🙂 The train ride was full booked so I had to sit in a car without seats for 100 Bath its worth it hahaha 🙂 In the restaurant car it was full power with Samsong and everyone was party. But, but I will take it easy the next few days because I have not slept more than 3 hours per day so Im starting to feel pretty worn. Im not 17 years old anymore Im an old sofa …

Pink Bucket


This is the last day in Bangkok. I was drinking a bit to much as usual yesterday haha but I had really fun! I will soon go to the trainstation to get my train down to Kho Phangang 🙂 Everything is fullbooked so I didnt get the sleaper carrage, I got a seat for the next 15h. After my 100 year on the train I will take the boat to Kho Phangang and when I will arrive it is the 21.12.12, the men if the world, so it will be a big party!! So I really not think I will have time to uppdate tomorrow but the day after on saturday. On the picture you can see my latest art… Its a panda with a pink bucket!!! Hahah I think its so cute and I also want it to reminde me if Thailand so thats why the pink bucket 🙂

Police escort Thailand to Laos

Ok, Im back in Bangkok, Thailand. It feels good! There has been a lot of traveling recently and it takes so long time … But after 16 hours by train, Im finally here. As I wrote earlier, the Thai Embassy in Laos stops currently doing 6 months Visa so I only got two months 😦 When I went from Thailand into Laos we went in a minivan and everything at the border was very easy. The way back to Thailand I decided to take the train so we were 3 people who missed to check us out from Laos and suddenly we were in Thailand and that was when we would check us in to Thailand as they found out that we had not stamped  us out. We had bought a package of all included tickets  so when we arrived at the train station in Laos to go over to Thailand there was only one ticket office, but because we all had our tickets we went directly to buy some beer. It was at the ticket counter that we should check out from Laos so we got a police escort from Thailand to Laos to get the stamp. When we came to Laos to do all this with stamping out/ in, it took us 2 h, but now it only took  25 min. The police was driving fast as hell!

The train trip was really fun! It was me, a German, a Japanese and a Russian guy and we met two Thai guys who offered us beer and food all night. We pumped Thai music from the speakers and became drunker and drunker and the German guy was dancing to the music and we had so much fun! 😀
But now Im back at the same hostel as last time I was here, and tomorrow I will try to come to Kho Phangang 🙂

Thai visa

Ok so I have just done my visa and they did not do double visa so I could just get for 90days and then I need to cross the border again. So tomorrow I will take the night bus back to Bangkok and after that to down south 🙂
Yesterday night was good! I won something called box limbo and it is a game that you cant touch your hands or knees on the floor and you need to get town to pick up the box with your teeth and the box will get shorter and shorter. It was fun and also we got free rum so it was a good night 🙂 I will try to find a pool now becaus its so hot here!

No tubing in vang vieng

No tubing in vang vieng

I have finally arrived in Laos in Vientiane 🙂 We were 12 people in my minivan. They told us that it would take 9h but it took 15h. We had to change minivan 4 times for some reason and we had two breaks. All the people in my car was really nice 🙂 I could not sleep because the driver was drove in 200km/h on a bumpy road! and it was crazy cold because of the AC. When we arrived at the border it was not so long queues to stamp us out of Thailand and then stamp us in Laos to get a visa to Laos 🙂 But now we are finally here and tomorrow we will go to the Thailand Embassy to fix a 6 month visa to Thailand. There is not much to do here in Vientiane, this is a communist country so everything closes 11:30 but we have free rum at our hostel between 19:00 to 22:00 so we will start to drink soon 🙂 But not too much because we will be at the Embassy at 8:00 🙂 To early to be hangover!!!
You may have heard about the tubing in Vang Vieng … The rumor is true. Because of all accidents the government has decided that no alcohol should be served at the bars around the river so there is basically nothing to do in Laos now but if you are interested in the jungles and temples you will have a lots of stuff to do .

Banana Pancake


This is the best pancake ever!! Its so good! Its some type if dough and then banana and nutella and this is so yummy yummy in my tummy!

Last day in the north of Thailand

Ok, today I will take a bus to Laos. They told me that the bus takes 9h but when I google everyone say at least 12h so we will see when I get there 🙂 My bus leaves at 18.30 so I will soon go to the supermarket to buy some water and some chips or something.

Yesterday was the last night out in Chiang Mai… Feels a bit sad to leave this place because I have so many friends here now! Every night I have spend my time at Zoes and all the bartenders there are so nice! I was working a bit yesterday in the bar and it was so fun 😀 So long time ago I was working in a bar and it is so fun and the Thai bartenders was so crazy and fun to work with 😀 In the beginning of the night me and a Germen girl was drinking some shots and 2 shots of Samsong cost us 140 Bath and then I bought some Thai people 9 shots and they I only payed 300 Bath!!! So big difference… But now this party and drinking days are over. I will go to Laos today and fix my visa on Monday so I hope it takes 2-3 days so I can leave as soon as possible. I need some sun and some beach because now I have a really really nice tanned… I got a with shirt 😦

I hope I can sleep on the bus because my Ipod is broken…. So no music and I dont know how to fix it 😦 If someone of my readers know how I can get back to 1.1 version of Ipod nano 6 I would be so happy if you could help me because I have googel for 4h now and I dont understand 😦 

Last day in Chiang Mai

Tonight is the last day in Chiang Mai and of course we will party! The time is almost 20.00 and we have already started with Samsong 🙂 It will be a crazy night! or I hope so 🙂

Today I have done nothing special, just tried to buy a cheap bus ticket to Laos and it was harder then I thought…But now I have my ticket fo tomorrow night so I will be there in the day on Sunday 🙂 I will just be there for some days to fix my visa and then I will go back to Thailand and down south 🙂 But I will go back to the rest of the people and be a bit social 🙂


Ok, yesterday was the waterfall day and I was sooo tired and we went to Zoes squer and I have been here for 2 night or something and I didnt know about the party squer untill yesturday night!! Not ok! But we that so much fun. I meet so many nice people and they played really good music, dubstep! I drank a lots of Samsong and danced for houers and so many nice people so I didnt want to go home!!
3h of  sleep and this will be a “hostel day” Try to get up on the roof top to get some sun!!

18h on a train

Green Curry


Finally I have arrived to Chiang Mai! They said it will take 14h but it took 18h!

If your compare to India this train was really nice 😀 I was in sleeper class and everyone in my carriage was sleeping so it was a bit boring, not so much to do… The other carriage was full with 16 year olds Australian school kids and they was really noisy and it was so smelly there. I meet this nice English guy so we started to drink some beer but after 2h on the train the food carriage closed and no more beer or food so just go to bed and try to sleep. I didnt sleep at all in the night but in the day I slept a couple of hours so Im a bit tired now.

Tomorrow we will try to rent a bike and drive in to the jungle or something like that. We will see how that goes because I have only driven scooter in India a couple of times before and that was the first time and now its 6 month ago so and I dont think I have so much driving skills any more 😀 But now its time for some food! Green curry, extra spicy 😉 yummy yummy!

Change of plan

So always Im in the last-minute and I never do plans… This time the plan was to go to Laos but in the last minute I change the ticket to Chiang Mai… I will try to leave to Laos on sunday and fix my visa and then I will be back in Bangkok for a day to travel south to the beach!!! I know I have been really bad to put up pictures but Im not gonna lie I have not taken any pictures, I have done 0 tourist stuff except drinking and party!!

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