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The interview yesterday was ok… I havent had an interview in 2 years and the guy who held the interview had not received information about how much information I knew about the job and the company. But he sent me a test text so I have sent it in now so I keep my fingers crossed that I get the job 🙂 Yesterday I was really really tired all day… Me and my friend Conny took a massage after  the interview and after that I went home to write these three texts that took all night because I didnt knew how serious the text needs to be… and all my neighbours wants to come and talk, drink and play music…. so it took a while to write the text. Later in the evening I talked to my dearest friend Emz on skype for 2h 😀 It was really fun! So I was still in bed at 3:00! Sooo late when I already was tired at 21.00. I was also told yesterday that my lovely little resort will be destroyed on March 4th and rebuilt into an expensive fancy-pancy resort that will cost 2000 Bt pr day instead of 200Bt pr day that I pay now so I have to fix someone else to live…. Everything will be fine 🙂


Wish me luck


We had a really nice last day together! We woke up early and I drove home to Adam for some breakfast. I helped him to pack his stuff…or I hold him company 🙂 We also sold his chair and computer desk to the guy who he rent his bike from so me and Adam drove down a big computer desk and a really really big chair,on my scoopy,all the way in to town from Adams house 🙂 It was really funny to drive around town with this big chair on Adams head! Everyone who saw us was looking at us and must think that we are crazy that we dont take a taxi for 50Bt!!! HAHAHA But I guess we wanted to do it by our self ..and we made it 🙂 Later we meet up Rick for some good food and interesting conversations 🙂 After that we went to my beach and was hanging out in the hammocks for some hours. After that we went to a place that we really regret that we havent been on before. Its 3min walk from Adams house and we havent been there until yesterday, Adams last day. Its ” Top of the rock” a really nice bar, like a little tree hut on the rocks. You have really nice music and the view are soooo nice! But its only open when its good weather because they dont have any roof 🙂  After that we went to 7/11.. But yesterday it was only scary people there… A bit too lost and crazy people, nothing interesting so we decide to go down to Haad Rin to the Fullmoon party. It was fun! We founded our chair on a small street with a lots of people so we sat there and drank and eat and looked at all the drunk and crazy people 😀 HAHA But it was a really nice last day 🙂  Today I will have a job interview so wish me luck 🙂

Last day


So this is Adams last day and we have sold his chair and table so we drove around with this big heavy chair on his head! haha so I will not spend more time to do this blog post today…I will write more about it tomorrow 🙂


Sorry that I havent updated any post 😦 But I have done so much things the last days 🙂

Saturday: The weather was not so good and later in the day the whole island had no power for a while so me and Adam decide to take a massage for one hour to spend some time 🙂 It was really good as always! The massage place next to Cookies in the north of Koh Phangan is the best place! The girls there are so nice so I always stay there for a while after the massage 🙂  Later that night I went to Shivamoon Party and as always it was really good 😀 And I meet my friends and had a really good time, dancing and talking and listen to really really good music 🙂 Saturday was a really stressy day, it was so many partys! It was The pool party, Pirates Bar, Jam session, Shivamoon, Baan Shabaii after party, “Balloon party”, Walking street….. Yes it was really much stuff but it was really bad weather so I only went for the massage and Shivamoon 🙂

Sunday: It was also bad weather so we spend most of the time inside… and I was really tired all day because I didnt sleep so much the night before…. So most of the day I slept maybe 4 times 🙂 So it was a really boring day until the night when it start to rain and me and Adam drove down to Haad Rin to do some crazy stuff that all the “bucket kids” do 🙂 But The power dissapered and its started to rain so we went home… But even if that was the only thing we did I still went to bead at 06.00… OOh I almost forget to tell you about the Tattoo Bar! Its a bar that runs of tattoo artists and its in the “city” Thong Sala and its looks like a small jungle! Its really cozy place and the stuff are really friendly and play really good music!! They have a lots of animals there like pigs, birds, turtles, utter and then he showed us the fridge! Inside the fridge was a small crocodile, lizard and 6 other crazy animals!!! AAAH! It was really scary but I will give them another chance  🙂

Sleepy friday

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So yesterday was a day full of fun stuff!!! I woke up really late and did the normal stuff I always do… Breakfast and hammock 🙂 Later I went home to Adam and I think I was in hes house for 1h before I felt a sleep for 2h!  I think I had only been awake for 4h before I felt a sleep again 😀 I came home really late and I was tired all day…  Its not so much to tell you about yesterday…. We went to some party and of course we hanged out outside 7/11 and yes, we came home really late 😉

But I will put up some pictures I have taken so you have something to look at 🙂

Melinas homemade food ;)


I was so tired yesterday! I was sleeping until 12.30 so it wasnt that many hours sleep. I also got ants in my bead so I need to sleep with a long shirt and long pants because otherwise I wake up when they are running around on me and because I have so much clothes on when I sleep and in the morning the sun is shining straight in to my window so its soooo hot in my house! My little bungalow is like a little wooden sauna!  But later I was hanging out in my hammock 😉 Later for lunch I went home to Adam and did some pasta with mozzarella! ooh it was really good 😀

When I travel…one of the first things I miss from my “normal” life is to cook food! Sometimes when I travel I miss to eat my own food…And Im also really really tired of Thai food now so I will cook food as much as I can in Adams house before he needs to go back home 😦 Later in the evening me and Adam went for a massage 🙂 And it was really good as always 😀 After dinner I went to the Jungle Experience. I was there before 23.00 to get the free stamp and after that I went to 7/11 😉 I was outside 7/11 for 2h and then I went back and it was fun to meet all my friends but the music is so flat! I dont understand… I like deep house and minimal techno but when they have a 12h long party and some people are there for 12h how can they listen to the same repining beat over and over again for 12h?! CRAZY people! After that I went back to 7/11 🙂 And there I meet the most smelling man I have ever seen! He had mosquito bites that were so infected that he was rotting and it smelled! It was so disgusting!

Today its Guys Bar so we will see when I come home tomorrow and can do a blog post 😉


Yesterday morning I woke up and meet up Adam for some breakfast 🙂 After that I spend the whole day at the beach 🙂 I also spend some hours in my hammock talking to my neighbors…. My neighbors are from Germany and there plan is to travel around Thailand for 3 month and not pay for any accommodation and so far  they have payed 3 times… I dont know about that… Fine if you are travel in expensive Europe and dont want to spend 20 Euro for a crap dorm room, then I can understand that you rather spend your money on something fun then a bead. But here in Asia is so cheap so 5 Euro for a bungalow on the beach is not that much 🙂

Later at night after dinner I went to Sramanora waterfall party. I went before 22.00 to get the stamp so I dont need to pay any 🙂  To start to party at 22.00 is a bit too early so I went back to 7/11 and I was there for 4h 🙂 Drinking, talk with people, see a lots of stupid and crazy people 🙂  And I love it! After 7/11 I went back to the party and I was there until 07.00 and then all of us went back to 7/11 to drink some more beers 🙂 It was really nice! It was a good party with really, really good music! And a lots of crazy people 😀


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Yesterday I was almost doing the same thing as the day before…. I meet up Adam for breakfast at Cookies. He ate pancake and I ate cheese and ham toast. It was really good and of course Adam drank coffee and I drank a banana, pineapple, yogurt and honey shake!!! mmmmh! After that we went to the beach, just for 10-15 min and after that I went home to my beach and I did some relaxing in the hammock 🙂 It was really nice! Later in the evening my little puppy, Buddha, was stuck in a barbed wire!!! And when I saw her stuck there and came to help her she was wet in her face and on her paw and I thought it was blood because it was so dark and she is black…But it wasnt blood it was tears because she had been crying 😦 But she is fine now…playing around 🙂 Later in the night me and some of my neighbor hanged out here on my old stone bench and talked and listen to music 🙂 It was a really nice day! I also manage to take some really nice sunset pictures 🙂

Beach day!


Ok so yesterday was a real beach day! I was on the beach for 3h! So now Im really tanned 🙂 I was playing with Buddha on the beach and she is so good! I throw a lime and she run/jump to the little lime and bring it back to me 🙂 So good!! Later I was so tired so I took a nap in my hammock for a hour and when I work up it was already sunset so I had a really nice view as always 😉 The plan was to go to the lighthouse party but everyone was so tired so we didnt go… I was home and apply for some jobs because its time to get a fun job 🙂 So wish me good luck 😉

Perfect ;)


Finaly!! I was on the beach yeaterday! I havent been on the beach for weeks! So I got a bit tanned 😉 Later that day me and Adam went up north for food and we always ends up to do the same misstake! I like spicy food and Adam are sensitive so he cant handle some chilli 😉 So yesterday we order one green curry and one red curry and I want my red curry spicy…. so when we get the food the green curry was twice asså spicy then mine! haha not the first time…. Later that day I went for a body scrub because I start to look like a ladybird 🙂 My dinnet yesterday was in the food market and it was fun because it was a long time ago I was there… I really wanted to party yesterday but I was to lasy to check if there was any party…and 01.30, I remember that the day party “Baan Shabaii” was on and its finish 03.00… So I went there and meet alots of new and old friends and we danced all night long!! 🙂 In the men we ended up on a Russian party and It was really fun 🙂 So yesterday was a perfect day 😉

Laughing box!


I dont understand why but Im sooo lasy! I didnt do anything special yesterday…. I was listen to music all day and just “relax”. Maybe not relax more like lasy!! I found a shower bottle for men in Adams house and I think this picture are so fun! How many guys do really buy this shower soap because they belive that you will get “Unlimited female attention” Haha. Later in the eavning Adam watch hes football game and I was watching ” fun fails” on youtube. People who do funny stuff and I was crying because it was so funny! I think I broke my laughing box! Later that night we went to the Jam Bar and that was really nice 🙂 So good music! So it was a really nice music day yesterday!!



I thought that yesterday will be a relaxing day because it was rainy…. But in the night we went to see the Muay Thai fight in Thong Sala. We didnt pay anything, we just walked straight in but I guess they didnt care because it was only 2 fights left when we came there. The first fight was a bit boring but one of the guy did a KO and he won and the other fight was a trainer against another guy and the trainer won 🙂 So we saw 2 Thai fights so it was good 🙂 Later we went to 7/11 in Baan Tai, drank some beer and meet Uger, a German guy and he told us how good the music was on the Dark Psy Of The Moon Party (even if he know I was there)  and he said “In the beginning the music was, tututututuuu, and later BAAAMMM, So good music so I cant stop dance! I dont even have time to buy a beer or go to the toilet” HAHAH…later we went down to Haad Rin, to the Pool Party!! We was there maybe 10min, it was really nothing for us but it was fun to look at all the people 🙂 After that we went down to Haad Rin beach and drank some more beers there and looked at more people 🙂 It was a really funny night especially when they did the fire limbo! HAHAHA It was one tall guy with a big pink afro walking the fire limbo with a little Thai guy with blue afro on hes back like a little monkey! It was so fun to see and the tall guy was so drunk so they always fall down!!! It was really fun to see 🙂

Right now its not so good weather so I will watch a movie and hope it will be better later 🙂



Yesterday we ate really, really much food but even though we ate this “7” course dinner we had to eat again…  So we ate pasta with chicken 🙂 It was really good 🙂 I have been talking about to take a massage for weeks now because my neck was not really 100% good…  so yesterday, finally, I took a massage and it was the best massage I had in Thailand! It is just beside Cookies cafe and it is a bit cheaper than the other massage places  in Thong Sala! They also have certificate on the walls that they have gone a massage courses so it is a really good place 🙂 The plan was to watch a movie yesterday evening but it ended with me sitting outside 7/11  in Bann Tai and drinking beer and talk with weird people who lost their brains on the way there!!  Later I went to Baan Shabaii to dance 🙂 So I think my an Valentines day  was really good 🙂 Today I have not done much more than getting wet… Its rainy and thunder here and my plan was to lie on the beach today…  I dont even remember the last time I was at the beach… 😦  must be over 2 weeks ago…. NOT OK! Im losing my tan!

Happy Valentines day!


I really liked the Dark psy of the moon party yesterday! So good music and not so many people and it was on a really nice beach 🙂 Today is valentines day and as usual I will not celebrate it 🙂 I always spread my love everyday 😉 haha I dont think I will do anything special later…maybe take a swim…it was a long time ago I went to the beach so I will take a dip 🙂 Me and Adam went for a late lunch or early dinner and we ate soooo much food!! Indian chicken vandaloo, green curry, red curry, salad, naan bread, strawberry shake and lemon juice! And now Adam drinks coffe and I drink one liter of mint lassie! haha Happy Valentines day!

Safe and slow


I dont know what I have done today but the time has just fly away! I did a nice breakfast 🙂 my first portishead egg!! and I think it was perfect! 🙂 I also skyped with one of the best! Emz!!! We was talking about to start a company and move to the sun! hahaha I also had some cuddle time with Adams 3 dogs and its two brown dogs and one black old dog and my favorite one is the old black lady 🙂 We also went to Cookies caffe. I dont drink coffe, only tea, but Adam wants hes coffe perfect and he says that the coffe there are one of the best coffe he ever had and its also the best coffe you can get on Koh Phangan, they also have really good cakes 🙂 But now its time for some food I will eat masseman curry!! After that we will go to the Dark psy of the moon party and I think it will be really really good 😉 Its in Baan Kai and the end of the road is so scarry so I will park my bike just before the scarry road starts and on my way home I will walk to my bike and then drive safe and slow home haha as I always do 🙂

TPB documentary


Yesterday I was really tired so I didnt do so much… I didnt go to Baan Shabaii 😦 I fell asleep on Adams floor, again… I was so tired so not eaven my body understand how tired I really was! The only thing I can think of that I did yesterday was to watch a movie… The Pirate Bay documentary. Most people know pirate bay is, and for those who for some strange reason dont know what it is, its a website that you can download stuff like movies and music for free. It was an interesting film, and I learned that this is a bunch of young geeky swedish guys who are good at computer stuff and likes to drink beer and do drugs… and as you can hear Im not good at computer stuff so I cant explain more about the movie so you should just look at it 🙂 Ooh yes! I also cooked mashed potatoes with sausages yesterday and it was really good and I made a Greek salad but it wasnt so good because the vegetables didnt taste so much. But now its food time!!



Yesterday was a really nice day! woke up…eat some breakfast and then I spend some hours in my hammock 🙂 Later, me and Adam went for a adventure ride on roads we never been on before and we came to a road that was not made for 2 people on a scoopy on så jungle road…so Adam dropped me off in the jungle next to some cows 🙂 Adam told me that after 3km you are on the top of this mountain and its the most amazing view on the Island so I was thinking that I will take a walk on that road someday because me and my scoopy will never survive on that road 🙂 Later I came back to my hammock and relaxed there for some hours before dinner. It was my grannys birthday yesterday so I skyped with her for an hour and then I when to 7/11 to start drink. I meet some crazy people there so we went together to the Blackmoon culture! It was soooo good!!! I always have fun there to 100%!! So good music and so happy people who loves to dance 😉 The afterparty is in Baan Shabaii but I will go there later because I was so tired this morning so I didnt have any energy to go to some after party! But now is relaxing time 🙂

Russian Djs?

Yesterday was a great day 🙂 Me and Adam did the kayak thing and the naked guy welcomed us to the nudist beach 🙂 Then I went for a walk on the Saturday Walking street and I bought 2 shirts for 130bth! 🙂  So I did some good shopping! After that it was food time and I went to the food market and meet my neighbors and after that we went to a massage place! HAHAHA It was really funny because one of the guys are a big guy so the little Thai lady who give him massage couldnt almost not stretch him because she was so small 🙂 And always the charm of the Thai ladies ” ooh, you so sexy, so big and sexy” I dont get it… if the guy wants a “happy ending” I guess he will ask for it… It is a bit annoying when you pay for a massage and try to relax and the Thai ladies are talking with each other and especially about stuff like that…  After the massage we went to the Jam Bar… It was really good as usual and they also had a Punk-girl band who was playing some of there songs and everyone was dancing 🙂 It was a really good atmosphere. After that I went to 7/11 in Baan Tai and meet some crazy people and they was talking about this “russian party” with Russias two most famous DJs  playing there. All the russian people was crazy about this Djs and yes they was really good but I dont remember their names… or maybe I never heard the names so thats why I dont remember 🙂 But now its food time and later today I will skype with my granny because its her Russian Djs?birthday today 🙂 and after that its the Black Moon Culture 😉 WOHOOO!!!!



Yesterday was a really nice day…Relaxing on the beach and later I went to Adams place and had some company on hes sofa 🙂 later at night we when to Rasta Home. They have open mic on fridays so enyone that wants to play can do it , but it must be reggie songs 🙂 Today I woke up late and went to Adam for some breakfast and then we.drove up.north and did some snorkeling and kayaking 🙂 When we was kayaking we saw a really nice little beach whit 5 people on so we decide to go there…When we come closer this guy was standing on the beach and looked at is….when we arrived to this small beach we can se that everyone is naked and this guy who was looking at us welcome us and…yes it was just to take off the bikini top and join the rest of the naked people, but just for a while 🙂 Today is saturday walking street and latet Jam Bar 🙂

India and Andaman Island

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So I didnt do anything special yesterday and its always so good weather here now and my plan was to do “part 2” of my India post when its bad weather… But I will do it today.

After Hampi we went to Mangalore – Bangalore – Chennai. We did some stops between Mangalore and Bangalore but I dont know Im really not a big fan of the big citys in India… Everything looks the same. Its just a lots of garbage and poo on the street and I wouldnt recommend to be in a big city after March because then its 40 degrees and the smell is just awful!!! In February we decide to go to Andaman Island!! That was one of the best places I ever been to! I just love those Islands!!! We took the flight from Chennai to Port Blair, the capital on Andaman Island.

If you want to go to Andaman Island you need to have a Indian Visa and you can only fly from Kolkata or Chennai. And you can take KingFisher airlines or Jet airways. You can also take the boat but from Chennai its take “2” days (they say) But the Indian hours are not like our hours so 2 days will be at least 3 days 😀 and from Kolkata it will takes about 5-6 days. Everything in India is so cheap so I would recommend that you spend a bit more money and take the flight.  When you come to Andaman Island you will get a “visa”, its free and you can stay there up to 30 days and if you want to stay longer you can extend 14 days more. After that you need to leave the Island and you can come back if you want to 🙂  Its very easy.

I spend 30 days there and I just loved it! We started with a night in Port Blair. If you want to go to the other islands you need to wake up really really early and then fight in the queue to get a ticket. So , and squeeze to get that ticket! Just look how the Indians do 😀  After the night in Port Blair we went to Havelock island.  If I dont remember it wrong its take about 3h to get there 🙂 Thats the Island with most tourists and its beautiful! On the paper you sign when you arrive its written that you cant camp on the beach but if its full booked or to expensive just put up your Hammock 🙂 We didnt know what to do so we ended up in a place called “Pelican” and the owner takes 400Rs to sleep outside. You will not get anything for this 400Rs… no hammock, no sleeping bag…Nothing. So we decided that we will pre book a hut on Havelock for the last week so we went to Barefoot Scuba and booked a hut for 200Rs pr night 🙂 Really nice place and they also offer diveing lessons. We left Havelock and arrived to Long Island. That was a really nice Island if you want to do nothing! Its a really small Island and they only have one Gues House for 20 people and then they have some Tents.  We stayed in the tent. It was really cozy and everything is really nice, The showers are clean and a “normal” toilet and you also got mattresses in the tent and its really cheap 🙂 You have a small beach in town and then you also have a 4km long beach of the other side of the Island… And of course we went to that beach 😀 You do a trekk in the jungle for 2h and then you have all the beach for yourself!!!  After that the plan was to go to Diglipure but we meet a really nice gang on the boat there so we joined them to Little Andaman 6h boat ride and we spend 2 weeks there. It was soooo nice there, my favorite Island 🙂 We went to Blue View guest house. So we was 10 people hanging out there for 2 weeks and It was so fun! We was drinking vodka every night and played guitar and talked around the fire 🙂 Baba Azad who runs the place are one of the best Indians i ever meet 🙂 He always cooked food for us and he was always happy! On this island you have a lots of sand flies and on the south side you have a really nice beach and you can surf there but I guess you need to know how to do it because there you have a really big coral reef and you can hurt yourself really bad 😦 And you also have sharks there. You can see crocodiles there and they also have elephants. And you cant walk to far in to the jungle because you have tribespeople there and the locals says that they are cannibals 😀 hahah I dont know about that but I have read that on some of the Island you have cannibals! SCARRY! I think after 4 days there we tried to take our scooters into the jungle to see the big waterfall and the road are shit! You can see some really beautiful bushes in the jungle who have really big spikes under the leaves, so when we was driving one of the spikes got stuck in my leg and took a big pice of my leg 😦 It was sooo painful and deep so it took me 2 month to healing and it was so deep so I couldnt be in the sea 😦  But even if I got that ugly scar on my leg thats the best Island. You can do so much adventure there 🙂 Once we went on a crocodile hunt.. We bought a chicken and went out in the dark to a small lake so try to see the crocodiles. That was really stupid because we almost got us killed because we dont know how crocodiles are hunting. So they began to surround us!!! But I loved Andaman Island and I would recommend everyone to go there 🙂

After Andaman Island we spend some time to travel around a bit more and after that we went to Nepal. Thats a long but short storry so I can tell you guys about it another day 🙂 Now its time for some tanning on the beach 🙂

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