India and Andaman Island

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So I didnt do anything special yesterday and its always so good weather here now and my plan was to do “part 2” of my India post when its bad weather… But I will do it today.

After Hampi we went to Mangalore – Bangalore – Chennai. We did some stops between Mangalore and Bangalore but I dont know Im really not a big fan of the big citys in India… Everything looks the same. Its just a lots of garbage and poo on the street and I wouldnt recommend to be in a big city after March because then its 40 degrees and the smell is just awful!!! In February we decide to go to Andaman Island!! That was one of the best places I ever been to! I just love those Islands!!! We took the flight from Chennai to Port Blair, the capital on Andaman Island.

If you want to go to Andaman Island you need to have a Indian Visa and you can only fly from Kolkata or Chennai. And you can take KingFisher airlines or Jet airways. You can also take the boat but from Chennai its take “2” days (they say) But the Indian hours are not like our hours so 2 days will be at least 3 days 😀 and from Kolkata it will takes about 5-6 days. Everything in India is so cheap so I would recommend that you spend a bit more money and take the flight.  When you come to Andaman Island you will get a “visa”, its free and you can stay there up to 30 days and if you want to stay longer you can extend 14 days more. After that you need to leave the Island and you can come back if you want to 🙂  Its very easy.

I spend 30 days there and I just loved it! We started with a night in Port Blair. If you want to go to the other islands you need to wake up really really early and then fight in the queue to get a ticket. So , and squeeze to get that ticket! Just look how the Indians do 😀  After the night in Port Blair we went to Havelock island.  If I dont remember it wrong its take about 3h to get there 🙂 Thats the Island with most tourists and its beautiful! On the paper you sign when you arrive its written that you cant camp on the beach but if its full booked or to expensive just put up your Hammock 🙂 We didnt know what to do so we ended up in a place called “Pelican” and the owner takes 400Rs to sleep outside. You will not get anything for this 400Rs… no hammock, no sleeping bag…Nothing. So we decided that we will pre book a hut on Havelock for the last week so we went to Barefoot Scuba and booked a hut for 200Rs pr night 🙂 Really nice place and they also offer diveing lessons. We left Havelock and arrived to Long Island. That was a really nice Island if you want to do nothing! Its a really small Island and they only have one Gues House for 20 people and then they have some Tents.  We stayed in the tent. It was really cozy and everything is really nice, The showers are clean and a “normal” toilet and you also got mattresses in the tent and its really cheap 🙂 You have a small beach in town and then you also have a 4km long beach of the other side of the Island… And of course we went to that beach 😀 You do a trekk in the jungle for 2h and then you have all the beach for yourself!!!  After that the plan was to go to Diglipure but we meet a really nice gang on the boat there so we joined them to Little Andaman 6h boat ride and we spend 2 weeks there. It was soooo nice there, my favorite Island 🙂 We went to Blue View guest house. So we was 10 people hanging out there for 2 weeks and It was so fun! We was drinking vodka every night and played guitar and talked around the fire 🙂 Baba Azad who runs the place are one of the best Indians i ever meet 🙂 He always cooked food for us and he was always happy! On this island you have a lots of sand flies and on the south side you have a really nice beach and you can surf there but I guess you need to know how to do it because there you have a really big coral reef and you can hurt yourself really bad 😦 And you also have sharks there. You can see crocodiles there and they also have elephants. And you cant walk to far in to the jungle because you have tribespeople there and the locals says that they are cannibals 😀 hahah I dont know about that but I have read that on some of the Island you have cannibals! SCARRY! I think after 4 days there we tried to take our scooters into the jungle to see the big waterfall and the road are shit! You can see some really beautiful bushes in the jungle who have really big spikes under the leaves, so when we was driving one of the spikes got stuck in my leg and took a big pice of my leg 😦 It was sooo painful and deep so it took me 2 month to healing and it was so deep so I couldnt be in the sea 😦  But even if I got that ugly scar on my leg thats the best Island. You can do so much adventure there 🙂 Once we went on a crocodile hunt.. We bought a chicken and went out in the dark to a small lake so try to see the crocodiles. That was really stupid because we almost got us killed because we dont know how crocodiles are hunting. So they began to surround us!!! But I loved Andaman Island and I would recommend everyone to go there 🙂

After Andaman Island we spend some time to travel around a bit more and after that we went to Nepal. Thats a long but short storry so I can tell you guys about it another day 🙂 Now its time for some tanning on the beach 🙂


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