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Koh Rong / Fullmoon Party

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Ok so I have been on Koh Rong for a week now. Its a island 2h away from Sihnoukville in Cambodia and its soooo nice here!

Im living in a dorm room so its different people here everyday. Most of the tourist just come here for a day or two but for me its already a week or something like that I have no clue about the date I came here….I know it was a Saturday because I left Siem Riep on a Friday and when I arrived in Saturday morning I went straight to the boat so I didnt stay in Sihnoukville.

The boat is 20$ two ways and you can use the return ticket when ever you want to 🙂 The boat is about 3h and you get breakfast and lunch on the boat and you do a stop on a small island to do 30 min snorkeling or just relax in the water 🙂

I meet 3 guys on the boat, 2 Germans and 1 Dutch and then here on the Island I meet a really nice Swedish guy so we have been hanging out together everyday!

Most of the time we just relax in the sun in the comfy chairs they have here on the beach and take some swim or just lay in the water for some hours and just talk 🙂 We havent explore the Island that much because its no roads here so its jungle trekking if we dont want to pay for a boat. A few days ago we took a walk in the jungle for about 45 min to get to the Lonely Beach but…I wasnt so impress of the beach… It was soooo much garbage and it was so many tourists so…. On the way back the taxi boats wanted 5$ each so we decided to take a walk home in the dark in the jungle, without shoes!  But I can recommend to NOT have any shoes if you will walk there because its so much sand and stuff so its slipping…. But if you are here on the Island its only one main beach with all the guesthouses and bars and if you follow that beach and then you come to a small beach, Green tree bungalows,  and then you just follow the road in the jungle and then you will come to a long really beautiful beach with just a few local houses on.

We have been hanging out there the last few days and its so nice because its so beautiful and we have two dogs and we usually make a fire and collect garbage and burn it… maybe not the best for the environment but its no other way to get rid of it here on the Island.

The first day we went there we had just go in to the sea for some relaxing and we was so happy to found this beach and from nowhere two fishes start to jump up and down in the water so we start to joke that we will catch it. When we stand up we can see that a small ( 1m ) big shark killed one of the fishes and I guess it got a bit scared for us because this was only a few meters from us. So we decide to make a BBQ of the fish 🙂 The dog got the fish head 🙂

A few days ago we build a swing for the kids and they just loved it!!! Even the grownups was so exited for the swing but after 30min swinging for the kids “the big guy”  of the Island come and told us to take it down because if some of the kids will break a leg or really hurt them self it will be a 2h long boat ride before they come to the mainland and then drive 30min to the hospital. So we took it down 😦

Yesterday we was at the Fullmoon party so we went to the neighbour Island and it was ok, I had fun 🙂 It was really beautiful there 🙂
But I guess this is it… I dont do so much here….or maybe I do 🙂

We dont have any shower so I need to take shower with the buckets so I never feel clean so thats the only thing I miss, a shower!!!  And we only have electricity for a few hours so…but I will try to do some updates often 🙂


Still on the island

Im still at the Island, Koh Rong, So The internet is shit here when we have internet so I really dont think I can do a loger blogpost as long as Im here so I will keep you updated as soon as Im back on the mainland. 🙂

Koh Rong

Im in Koh Rong for the moment and here is only power for a few hours a day so I dont have internet and if I have then I need to charge my phone. There is only a few bungalows here, no atm, only bucket showers in salt whater and my legs looks like hell! sooo many sandfly bites!! But i will tell you more when I go to the mainland 🙂

Last day in Siem Reap! WOHO


The last days I havent done anything special, just relaxing at the pool…. A bit boring but weary relaxing 🙂

So This far I have been in Cambodia for a week and I have just been in Siem Reap and so far I dont like this country…. The people are just your fiend when they know that you will pay them in the end and they also do everything to get you confused with the 3 different currency you can pay with, U.S Dollar, Cambodian real and Thai Bath. You will never get the right change back they always make up a exchange rate for the day.  Siem Reap dont have anything else then Angkor Wat and Floating village the rest is just the same as everywhere else. Party, Party and more party ( in 2 bars )….thats it.

The only thing Im surprised with are that everyone told me the food is shit but I think the food is really good. But to pay 4$ for a burger is almost like a burger in Europe so it is soooo expensive here. I have decide if it is as expensive in Sihounokville as it is here and as crapy as it is here I will not stay one month here. Then I need a plan B where to go next.

I just got a message from my old neighbour in Koh Phangan that my little puppy Buddah have moved in to a fancy pancy resort next to our old West White Hut 🙂 So Im sooo happy that she likes it there and they take care of her 🙂 The rest in the dog family have moved to another place, Lime and Soda, so they are also happy 🙂

Swimming pool day :D



Yesterday was so hot!! We didnt do anything special. We know some hotels with a swimming pool in this aria so we walked around to find it. Earlier the same day we met a girl who stayed in a hostel with a swimmingpool and she payed 6$ for a dorm room. So we walked in there and asked if we can use the pool. The guy in the reception just looked at us and said that it will cost us 4$ to use the pool and for that 4$ we can order something from the bar. But we tought that was a bit expensive when the dorms are 6$ and then you can use the pool for free, so I asked how much a room is and he looked at me and says “17”. So nothing was as this girl had told us and this guy in the reception really didnt want us there…he answer so short and looked at us in a really wierd way. So we left.

We walk maybe 5m away and ended up in a hotel who looked like they have  a pool on the roof so we asked there. This guy was so nice 😀 He was from Holland and he told us to go to Golden Banana because they have a pool and if we say to them that we stays in hes hotel we dont need to pay. So perfect! We walked over there and the first thing we saw was a little boy whos puppy was stuck in the fence so we helped the little boy with the puppy 🙂 HAHAH The puppy got stuck with hes big head between the concrete sticks in the fence 🙂 So cute 🙂 But hes fine now! Then we walked in to Golden Banana and the guy in the reception said that we can use the pool for free if we buy something from the bar 🙂 So we did it 🙂  So we spend the whole day there.

Today we walked back there but he told us that the hotel is full booked so we can use it. So we walked 2m away and saw another Golden Banana hotel who also had a swimming pool 🙂 And we could stay there if we payed 2$ so we did.

So today we have been at the swimming pool all day 😛 SOOOOOO NICE! So in the end we pay 3$ for our dorm that we are alone in for the moment, so almost a private room and then 2$ for the swimmingpool so 5$ when other people pay 17$ 😉 WOHO!!!


Yesterday was a looong day…. We couldnt sleep so we was awake until 04.00 and just talked and listen to music 🙂 It was a really nice evening until we understand that the tuk tuk guy will pick us up at 08.00 😦

The plan was to see the floating village but we didnt wanna do it so we needed to get up to tell him that we didnt want to do any more tours from him because everything is so expensive. So he cant to anything about the entrance fee but he cloud change the tuk tuk fee so he told be that he could get us the same price as yesterday, 15USD. So I walk up all the stairs to wake up the German guy and ask if we should do it. And we decided that we have already payed for the ticket, 3days, so we should do it. So we walk downstairs and the tuk tuk driver become really really happy 🙂

So we eat breakfast together and under the breakfast he asked if we should do the stuff that was planed for day 3 and we said yes. Then he ask us if we want to see the temple thats far away and then go back to see the small temples or if we want to see the temple far away and the temple too far away. So we got confused and said that we wants to see the temples far away and too far away. (its not the name of the temples but that was how he describe it) So of course just because we  pick that one he charge us more!!! So typical….

But the way there was really nice 🙂 We was driving for 1,5h and we saw small villages and a really nice nature and when we arrived to this place he says ” thats the way, just follow the signs and I will be there sleeping in the hammock” HAHAH We was also soooo tired so we also just wanted to sleep in his hammock 😀 But we started to walk and after 10min walk in the sun in the forest we meet a group of korean people and we ask them how far it is to the temple and they told us it was not a temple its a waterfall! HAHAH the thing is I did the same mistake in India. Its no waterfall this time of the season because its too dry… So he lied to us and after 1,5km we came to the “waterfall” and we was soooo tired. After 20min there we start to walk back.

Then we went to “the ladies temple” and the same thing there… noting to see… Or yes it is but is just another temple, nothing special.

So this fare I dont like the Cambodian people, maybe its just here in Siam Riep. I hope so 🙂 Today will be a relaxing day. I will sleep a bit and later we will watch Enter the void. Its a real psychedelic, crazy movie 😀

Angkor Wat

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Today we went to Angkor Wat…I dont know, it was a bit boring :S Or maybe not boring but not really worth it…We thought it was really big and amazing and all that thing and everyone told us that you can walk around for days there….so we bought a 3 day pass. So unnecessary! We saw almost every temple today except 5 of them  in 3h. The entrance fee is 40USD for 3 days!!!! Thats crazy! This country is eating my money!!!  Ok the “tomb rider” temple was nice but soooo many tourists and it was 36 degrees and so sweaty!!! And because it is a temple we need to show some respect to have long sleeves so even warmer!!

I dont understand…Everyone knows that in church,temple,mosque, synagogue…all the holy places you need to respect the religion of the holy place and cower yourself up a bit…. I think if people dont want to follow this small rules then those people shouldnt visit this places!! I saw so many girls today who walked around the temples with shorts and a really short shirt so the belly also got some air. Yes it was really hot to walk around the temple aria with that much clothes but if you dont like to sweat, just go earlier in the morning or dont go at all. Its open 05.00 and closed at 17.30 but some people says its closed at 19.00 but I really dont know…. I will not do the tourist thing to see the sunset and the sunrise it will be to crowded and not any nice pictures.

We will see whats happens today…me and some guys at the hostel will watch lost in translation and we will see if we go out or not. Its is St Patricks day today  so if it is any good party maybe we go out but we will wake up really early tomorrow to go to the floating village but we will se if we do it…We heard the boat ride is 20USD each so if we cant find any cheaper we wont do it….


First day :)


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I arrived in Siem Reap about 20.00 yesterday. OH! This must be the most complicated border thing I ever experience…..

The minibus started at 07.45 from Bangkok and we are 12 + driver in this little bus and we did 2 stops. It was really uncomfortable in the minibus because I was sitting next to all the bags so I had a lots of space for my legs but I only had a half seat to sit on because of all the bags….really really uncomfortable!

As I told you before the bus ticket was only 300THB…so nothing! But…. When we are 10min from the border we need to change bus…. The thing is on this place we got the paper to fill in for the visa application to Cambodia. Me and 2 other guys needed to go in to a small room with this Thai guy who told us that this is hes bus company and he will fix the visa for us so we “only” need to pay 1200TBH ( 40 USD ).

We told him that this is not the information we got when we bought the ticket and hes answer was. ” I dont know what my sellers told you, maybe they lye to you about things just to sell the ticket to you…but thats not my problem. If you want to you can go to the border by your self and fix it and then you go to the bus station and take the bus from there and you got 1h” .

So when we told him that we will do is by us self he got angry and wanted to take my paper with all my information and photos because it was hes paper… But I got angry and told him to give my fucking paper back because its my information on the paper so he got more angry and started so scream at us that we are stupid rich tourist! So I grabbed my paper from his hand and then we left.

When we stamp us out from Thailand he didnt see my last stamp from Samui so that was also a problem…The officer wanted me to pay 14.000THB!!!! But after 15min of discussion I finally didnt pay anything extra 🙂 This took maybe 20 min and then we have 40 min left until the bus leaves. We come in to the Cambodian border and we go to the visa office and we got our visa in maybe 5 min and is cost us 21USD instead of 40USD 😉 So we thought that we was finish now and could go to the bus station…but no. We needed to go in to this little tunnel and stamp us in to Cambodia now and only that took us 1h. So we missed the bus.

When we got the stamp we saw that they have free shuttle buses to the bus station, so we took that. When we arrived to the bus station it was only me who had the stickers left from the bus company. So one guy told us to go in to one of the buses there and the bus took us from the border to Siem Reap and in the end we only pay 21USD for the visa and 300TBH for the transfer from BKK to Siem Reap 🙂  From the bus stop in to town ( 3min ) we pay 1 USD each and in the end the tuk tuk driver called us stupid idiots because we didnt want to stay in hes guest house….And we ended up in this terribleHostle on the 5th floor who looked like some army hospital from the second world war! HAHAHA but it was only 3USD pr night 🙂 Now we found a other nice hostel to stay in 🙂

So yesterday me and the German guy and the Japanese guy drank some beer and eat some food and then just chilling in the hostel 🙂

Hello Cambodia!


Just arrived after a long long trip! Start the day with a beer for only 0.50$!!!!

Time for celebration!


Ok so today is a lot to celebrate!! I have been in Thailand for 100days and.I also got over 5000 readers on my blog and I will finaly go to Cambodia, tomorrow 🙂 And its sooo swetty/hot today so it will be nice to get away from Bangkok 🙂 The best and cheapest way to get into Cambodia was if I take the bus to Siem rip (ankorwat) so I will see some temples and more temples and thats it…. I start to loose my tann so it will be nice to come down to the coast as soon as posible 😉 Yesterday I meet a really nice german girl so we took a walk, drank some beer and after 30min foot massage/beer on Khao San, we ended up on my little psytrance place and dancing and swetting as hell!!! And we also meet this “blinde” guy who was a bit too touchy and finde our asses straight away….and in the end he wasnt blinde….so wierd! How can people do that!?! Are guys so desperate that they need to be “blinde” to get a girl…. Because of the long bus ride tomorrow I will maybe do a blog post late in the evening or on Saturday 🙂



This little guy, the one in the red shirt, always come in to the reception after 18.00 and scream!! Haha he is so funny!! screaming, banging and running around and tearing things down until the guy in reseptionen gets up! and then he runs away haha!!! and 20min later he comes back! It is like a tornado everytime he comes in here and he do it with full power for a few minutes and then hes gone!

99 Days


So today has been a really swetty day! Everyone at my hostel have stayed in today cus its sooo hot! So I havent done anything special… I have finaly after 99 days in Thailand, booked my ticket to Cambodia, 300bt, haha thats crazy its about 5€ something like that 🙂 I will not do any big post today cus I have really nothing to write about… I saw that they had some paper elephant on Khao San Road so I will go there and see what happens 🙂 I just love this picture on a street restaurant and in the corner you can see this guy do nr 2? ahah

Japanese CARRY!!!


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I have been so lazy the last days… I dont know, Bangkok takes my energy  HAHA No but really its not so much to do here! I dont understand what people do here 😦 Why do people move here? Yes its cheap but its not fun… I have been in Bangkok for 9 days now and I think its boring. Most of the people comes to BKK for 1 or 2 nights and get drunk on Khao San Road and then they leave and then they comeback before they need to take the flight and then they do some shopping…

I dont drink anymore…or yes I do but I dont like to get drunk so the party thing is over for me (just for the moment) and shopping…YES I WANT TO SHOP! but my bag is sooo heavy and I will not leave Asia now so I will do my shopping before I leave like everyone else 🙂

Im still a bit sick and I cant sleep at nights so yesterday me and my Norwegian roomie walked around BKK for maybe 6-7h and did some shopping. I needed new flip-flops and I bought a new bag and I love it!!! And it was soooo sheep! So in the night I thought that I will be really tired so I can sleep, but no… I was still awake until 04 in the morning and I always wake up really tired and have no energy at all.

So today I felt that I need to do something about that so I took a massage and then I went to my little Japanese restaurant and eat CARRY and drink Asahi!!! SOOOO GOOOD!!! YUMMY YUMMY!  And Japanese people are so cute! When I ask for curry they dont understand so I need to say carry and then they understand 🙂 aaawww so cute!!!


I felt so sick yesterday so I didnt do anything! oh yes I got a sore throat so I took a walk to star bucks to buy some Chiai Latte 😉 mmmh yummy yummy!!
Im a bit board of Bangkok now…its not that much to see or do…
* temples – √
* the kings castle – √
* floating market – √
* boat taxi – √
* shopping malls – √
I dont know…have I missed something? I dont know Im happy to dont do anything.. just meet people here at the hostel, cher experience and storys and watch some of my favorite tv series – Being human and Its always sunny in Philadelphia 🙂
I dont know why but I cant upload any pictures for the moment… But I will try later again 🙂 I. will eat some breakfast now 🙂

Worst day for a long time!

Aaaaaooouuuh! Im sooo hangover today! Its almost 17.00 and I have o Read More…

Noodles or Not Noodles

Today is my 95th day in Thailand 🙂

After a few weeks in Thailand I was soooo tired of the food here! I thought that I liked Thai food and could eat it every day but the thing is….everything taste the same! Everything is so spicy so you cant taste if it is meat or veggies you put in your mouth! I like spicy but not tasteless spicy…. Or if it not spicy you can choose from hot&sour sauce or oyster/soy sauce…. So I got tired of the food really fast.

After a while you ending up eating the same thing everyday! For me it was: green curry, fried chili & basil leaves, massaman curry, mix veggies and of course 7/11 cheese and ham toast 😉 Thats the only thing, most of the time….

Im also addictive to a Thai sauce they normally have on steam rice and chicken. Its brown/red thick sauce with chili, coriander and garlic and maybe something else…I dont know the name of this sauce so if someone know the name please let me know 🙂

So in 95 days I have been in a country that serves rice and noodles and NOT even eating noodles once! So I think today must be my noodle day 🙂

Camel toe!


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OOH!!! I just need to tell you all that I hate this denim shorts fashion!

I have seen girls have this type of short for years now and I dont understand why its still a fashion?!?!!! Are people just that desperate to be “in” so they dress up with this ugly shorts or is it maybe just me who think they are ugly?

Im not a fashion girl…I just take something that I think its comfortable to wear 🙂 And also if I sometimes decide to be the fashion girl and use the clothes that are “in” Im always to late hahaha! So when no one wants it I want it 😉 But the thing with this denim jeans….I will never ever own a pair of them!

I dont understand it, no one fit into them…Not even supermodels!  Thin, chubby, short, tall…NO ONE! Not even guys 😉 No but serious, who wants to have a saggy, flat ass? Because that is how its looks like… They are most of the time to short in the back so the ass is hanging out and in the front…IIIIUUUU!!!! Everyone who were them get a camel toe!!!! And who wants to have that?!?!?! And it doesnt matter if you are thin or chubby it is really ugly! For thin girls its “just” the camel toe and for chubby girls its a camel toe and this big  extra tummy that +60 ladies have!

I dont know…hate me if you want but I think those denim shorts looks like a big jeans diaper!!!


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Sorry That I hadnt updated for a while.

Im still in Bangkok and the last two days had been as Khao San Road usually is, stressy, a lots of tourist, drinking, party and shopping 🙂 But I hadnt party anything!!!! I dont know Im tired of Chiang beer and Shinga is not that good and Leo is not so tasty and the rest is shit! I dont want to drink more Sangsom/ Coke because I had some bad experience here last time for being to drunk and dont remember anything…so I dont want to do it again…Maybe the last day, whenever that will be 🙂

The last days I have NOT spend so much time on Khao San Road 😉 Adam and me have spent most of our time in Sukhumvit. Its more like a normal city there… The westerners you see there is most people who lives there and tourist who want to do some shopping in the fancy-pancy malls 🙂 It has been really nice to do something different when I know that I will spend most of my time on Khao San Road.

Adam have left me now so now Im alone again…. But Im never alone 😀 Its so many other people here so I never feel 100% alone 🙂

Today I have been dead! Im so tired….I couldnt sleep yesterday night! It was so hot in my room and my neighbor had some BIG problems with hes throat and he was in the bathroom next to my room and he was spitting for 1h in there it was so disgusting!!! It was like he was puking on my face!!! So I have just slept for 3h! So Im dead… I dont feel that I have done anything today… I went to my tattoo studio and let them refill my pink bucket because it has become white… So they did it for free so I bought them some beer as a thanks 🙂  Thats everything I have done today… But also I didnt have any energy to stress around and do some shopping. I want to buy a new “wardrobe” for my backpack and throw away 70% of everything and fill it up with only 20% … My bag is sooooo heavy!!! I woke up 07.00 and couldnt sleep again so I empty my bag to se if there is stuff I don use but I really use everything except one tiny shirt and its so unnecessary to throw away that one because I like it and its not that heavy…. I guess it my hammock that i a bit heavy but I dont want to throw that…. I never know when I need a hammock to sleep in 🙂

Quiet Khao San Road


It has been a lot the last days.

It was really really sad to leave my Koh Phangan for this time. Everything went so fast so I didnt have time to say goodbye to everyone. But I know that I will meet them another day 🙂

The boat trip from Koh Phangan to Chumpon was really really slow even if I took the speed boat. It took us 4h to get there and at that point I was so seasick that I just wanted to puke everywhere! But I didnt 🙂 After that It was a bus ride for 8h! The thing was that when we stopped for food we hadnt eat anything for 9h!!! and the place we stopped on was a crap place! They didnt have any food just really expensive cookies and chips and some soup with intestines and guts! No but it looked like it and it was so smelly…. And I dont understand why people on the bus needs to put down the seat the whole way down! I have long legs and I dont fit in this seats when they need to go the whole way down! So I arrived in Bangkok 5.30 in the morning so I took a taxi to Adams place 🙂 When I woke up I checked my e-mail and saw that I got the job 😉 But the job is shit so I told them that I didnt want to work there…. So Im still unemployed and searching for a job 🙂 So if you have any suggestions, just write in the comment box 🙂

Yesterday me and Adam went for some shopping but I only bought some bobbles and later in the evening we went o Khao San Road to make the street unsafe 😉 No but Adam wanted to watch football and I wanted to party 🙂  But…It was almost empty! It was election yesterday so no alcohol was served…So I guess that why it wasnt so many people there and also its starts to get low season and it was a really rainy day yesterday….But we meet some nice guys 🙂

Bangkok here I come

Yesterday I tried to go to Bottle Beach again but we didnt even come half way! HAHAH It was so hot and no shadows and I didnt had any water so after 20min trekking uphill me and my friends decided to turn around and go to Coral Bay instead. It was sooo hot and my head was boiling so we was in the sea for an hour before we decide to eat some food 🙂 Later in the evening I meet my neighbor for some food and I decided to go to Bangkok 🙂

Bangkok is fun, I really like it there and I can also live as cheap as I do here so my plan was to go tomorrow but everything was full booked until the 5th and I dont want to find a new house for 1 or 2 days just because I need to move out from here. So I found a ticket for today 🙂 Adam is still in BKK so it will be really fun to meet him before he needs to fly home and I also have some friends in BKK  so it will be nice 🙂

So today is a sad day! I will never see West White Hut again because they will rebuild a fancy resort here and the owner, Mr Chau, he is so nice and I will miss him! And my dogs!!! 😦 OOOOh I will miss them so much! I think Buddhas father is here now so now she have the whole family here and they also need to move and find a new place to live 😦 I will but her little bead on the beach so she still have her bead at least 🙂 And I will also miss all my party friends! I will miss the whole Island! But who knows….Maybe I will come back sooner than I think 😉

So now its just an 12h boat/ buss-trip 🙂

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