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I arrived in Siem Reap about 20.00 yesterday. OH! This must be the most complicated border thing I ever experience…..

The minibus started at 07.45 from Bangkok and we are 12 + driver in this little bus and we did 2 stops. It was really uncomfortable in the minibus because I was sitting next to all the bags so I had a lots of space for my legs but I only had a half seat to sit on because of all the bags….really really uncomfortable!

As I told you before the bus ticket was only 300THB…so nothing! But…. When we are 10min from the border we need to change bus…. The thing is on this place we got the paper to fill in for the visa application to Cambodia. Me and 2 other guys needed to go in to a small room with this Thai guy who told us that this is hes bus company and he will fix the visa for us so we “only” need to pay 1200TBH ( 40 USD ).

We told him that this is not the information we got when we bought the ticket and hes answer was. ” I dont know what my sellers told you, maybe they lye to you about things just to sell the ticket to you…but thats not my problem. If you want to you can go to the border by your self and fix it and then you go to the bus station and take the bus from there and you got 1h” .

So when we told him that we will do is by us self he got angry and wanted to take my paper with all my information and photos because it was hes paper… But I got angry and told him to give my fucking paper back because its my information on the paper so he got more angry and started so scream at us that we are stupid rich tourist! So I grabbed my paper from his hand and then we left.

When we stamp us out from Thailand he didnt see my last stamp from Samui so that was also a problem…The officer wanted me to pay 14.000THB!!!! But after 15min of discussion I finally didnt pay anything extra 🙂 This took maybe 20 min and then we have 40 min left until the bus leaves. We come in to the Cambodian border and we go to the visa office and we got our visa in maybe 5 min and is cost us 21USD instead of 40USD 😉 So we thought that we was finish now and could go to the bus station…but no. We needed to go in to this little tunnel and stamp us in to Cambodia now and only that took us 1h. So we missed the bus.

When we got the stamp we saw that they have free shuttle buses to the bus station, so we took that. When we arrived to the bus station it was only me who had the stickers left from the bus company. So one guy told us to go in to one of the buses there and the bus took us from the border to Siem Reap and in the end we only pay 21USD for the visa and 300TBH for the transfer from BKK to Siem Reap 🙂  From the bus stop in to town ( 3min ) we pay 1 USD each and in the end the tuk tuk driver called us stupid idiots because we didnt want to stay in hes guest house….And we ended up in this terribleHostle on the 5th floor who looked like some army hospital from the second world war! HAHAHA but it was only 3USD pr night 🙂 Now we found a other nice hostel to stay in 🙂

So yesterday me and the German guy and the Japanese guy drank some beer and eat some food and then just chilling in the hostel 🙂


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