Angkor Wat

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Today we went to Angkor Wat…I dont know, it was a bit boring :S Or maybe not boring but not really worth it…We thought it was really big and amazing and all that thing and everyone told us that you can walk around for days there….so we bought a 3 day pass. So unnecessary! We saw almost every temple today except 5 of them  in 3h. The entrance fee is 40USD for 3 days!!!! Thats crazy! This country is eating my money!!!  Ok the “tomb rider” temple was nice but soooo many tourists and it was 36 degrees and so sweaty!!! And because it is a temple we need to show some respect to have long sleeves so even warmer!!

I dont understand…Everyone knows that in church,temple,mosque, synagogue…all the holy places you need to respect the religion of the holy place and cower yourself up a bit…. I think if people dont want to follow this small rules then those people shouldnt visit this places!! I saw so many girls today who walked around the temples with shorts and a really short shirt so the belly also got some air. Yes it was really hot to walk around the temple aria with that much clothes but if you dont like to sweat, just go earlier in the morning or dont go at all. Its open 05.00 and closed at 17.30 but some people says its closed at 19.00 but I really dont know…. I will not do the tourist thing to see the sunset and the sunrise it will be to crowded and not any nice pictures.

We will see whats happens today…me and some guys at the hostel will watch lost in translation and we will see if we go out or not. Its is St Patricks day today  so if it is any good party maybe we go out but we will wake up really early tomorrow to go to the floating village but we will se if we do it…We heard the boat ride is 20USD each so if we cant find any cheaper we wont do it….



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