Yesterday was a looong day…. We couldnt sleep so we was awake until 04.00 and just talked and listen to music 🙂 It was a really nice evening until we understand that the tuk tuk guy will pick us up at 08.00 😦

The plan was to see the floating village but we didnt wanna do it so we needed to get up to tell him that we didnt want to do any more tours from him because everything is so expensive. So he cant to anything about the entrance fee but he cloud change the tuk tuk fee so he told be that he could get us the same price as yesterday, 15USD. So I walk up all the stairs to wake up the German guy and ask if we should do it. And we decided that we have already payed for the ticket, 3days, so we should do it. So we walk downstairs and the tuk tuk driver become really really happy 🙂

So we eat breakfast together and under the breakfast he asked if we should do the stuff that was planed for day 3 and we said yes. Then he ask us if we want to see the temple thats far away and then go back to see the small temples or if we want to see the temple far away and the temple too far away. So we got confused and said that we wants to see the temples far away and too far away. (its not the name of the temples but that was how he describe it) So of course just because we  pick that one he charge us more!!! So typical….

But the way there was really nice 🙂 We was driving for 1,5h and we saw small villages and a really nice nature and when we arrived to this place he says ” thats the way, just follow the signs and I will be there sleeping in the hammock” HAHAH We was also soooo tired so we also just wanted to sleep in his hammock 😀 But we started to walk and after 10min walk in the sun in the forest we meet a group of korean people and we ask them how far it is to the temple and they told us it was not a temple its a waterfall! HAHAH the thing is I did the same mistake in India. Its no waterfall this time of the season because its too dry… So he lied to us and after 1,5km we came to the “waterfall” and we was soooo tired. After 20min there we start to walk back.

Then we went to “the ladies temple” and the same thing there… noting to see… Or yes it is but is just another temple, nothing special.

So this fare I dont like the Cambodian people, maybe its just here in Siam Riep. I hope so 🙂 Today will be a relaxing day. I will sleep a bit and later we will watch Enter the void. Its a real psychedelic, crazy movie 😀


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Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. I love to travel, I did my first travel with a friend when I was 15 and after that I couldnt stop... I want to see more, more and more. But the most importaint thing for me is all the people I meet, all the new experience they give me and all the amazing storys they have and with a mix of everything I get more brave, explored, smarter, so in the end I get richer of life

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