Koh Rong / Fullmoon Party

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Ok so I have been on Koh Rong for a week now. Its a island 2h away from Sihnoukville in Cambodia and its soooo nice here!

Im living in a dorm room so its different people here everyday. Most of the tourist just come here for a day or two but for me its already a week or something like that I have no clue about the date I came here….I know it was a Saturday because I left Siem Riep on a Friday and when I arrived in Saturday morning I went straight to the boat so I didnt stay in Sihnoukville.

The boat is 20$ two ways and you can use the return ticket when ever you want to 🙂 The boat is about 3h and you get breakfast and lunch on the boat and you do a stop on a small island to do 30 min snorkeling or just relax in the water 🙂

I meet 3 guys on the boat, 2 Germans and 1 Dutch and then here on the Island I meet a really nice Swedish guy so we have been hanging out together everyday!

Most of the time we just relax in the sun in the comfy chairs they have here on the beach and take some swim or just lay in the water for some hours and just talk 🙂 We havent explore the Island that much because its no roads here so its jungle trekking if we dont want to pay for a boat. A few days ago we took a walk in the jungle for about 45 min to get to the Lonely Beach but…I wasnt so impress of the beach… It was soooo much garbage and it was so many tourists so…. On the way back the taxi boats wanted 5$ each so we decided to take a walk home in the dark in the jungle, without shoes!  But I can recommend to NOT have any shoes if you will walk there because its so much sand and stuff so its slipping…. But if you are here on the Island its only one main beach with all the guesthouses and bars and if you follow that beach and then you come to a small beach, Green tree bungalows,  and then you just follow the road in the jungle and then you will come to a long really beautiful beach with just a few local houses on.

We have been hanging out there the last few days and its so nice because its so beautiful and we have two dogs and we usually make a fire and collect garbage and burn it… maybe not the best for the environment but its no other way to get rid of it here on the Island.

The first day we went there we had just go in to the sea for some relaxing and we was so happy to found this beach and from nowhere two fishes start to jump up and down in the water so we start to joke that we will catch it. When we stand up we can see that a small ( 1m ) big shark killed one of the fishes and I guess it got a bit scared for us because this was only a few meters from us. So we decide to make a BBQ of the fish 🙂 The dog got the fish head 🙂

A few days ago we build a swing for the kids and they just loved it!!! Even the grownups was so exited for the swing but after 30min swinging for the kids “the big guy”  of the Island come and told us to take it down because if some of the kids will break a leg or really hurt them self it will be a 2h long boat ride before they come to the mainland and then drive 30min to the hospital. So we took it down 😦

Yesterday we was at the Fullmoon party so we went to the neighbour Island and it was ok, I had fun 🙂 It was really beautiful there 🙂
But I guess this is it… I dont do so much here….or maybe I do 🙂

We dont have any shower so I need to take shower with the buckets so I never feel clean so thats the only thing I miss, a shower!!!  And we only have electricity for a few hours so…but I will try to do some updates often 🙂


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