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so today I was working day but Im always awake to closing time anyway so….But today we have put up more signs and I have paint two signs with waterproof. colours because now its the beginning of the rainseason so now it will not be washed away 🙂


Koh Rong Backpackers

Today was the first day at work 😉 You know the most of the story how I got the job…I really thought that I dont have any job when I will arrive because they wanted me as soon as possible and it took me a while to get here. But I got the job finally! Woho!!!
Today was the first day at work and it was hell!!

My battery on my phone died and I thought I will miss my alarm but I woke up of the thunder and saw it was morning and people was walking around so I got ready and jumped down the stairs to the reception and saw that 2 of my colleagues are awake so I say good morning and they looked at me and said the safety box is gone and they took all the money and the tabs! The worst thing wasnt that all the money was gone the worst thing was that all the guests things was gone!! Also a bit weird that the tab-lists was gone. I think it is someone on the Island that knows us because the tab-lists was gone so it must bee a person that got a big tab in KRB.  Its not the first time guest houses gets robbed on the Island! Not just on KRB! All the houses on the Island are made of wood and its so easy to break in everywhere and even if the safety box is “safe” you never know if someone comes and buy the right material for the moment :).  The thing is that we need to deal with all the guests that “lost” their things and we didnt really know what to do because the manager is on the mainland to make some delivery orders for food and other things and just because one of the girls needed to go this morning we sensed her to him. He helped her out all day so he missed the last boat back but he will be back tomorrow.

I recommend everyone to just give your valuables to the reception during the day when your on the beach or whatever you will do but  during the night its best if you have your own things in the pillowcase in the bed 🙂
The thing is that now its some reputation that it has happen 4-5 times here on the Backpackers but thats not true!! I have been here for 2 weeks before and I got some clothes stolen on the beach and in another guest house so…Shit happens and everything is sorted now so 😉

Got the job


Woho! Got the job so I will start tomorrow!!!

Koh Rong again!

Last hours in Sihanoukville and civilisation 🙂 I dont know if there is any job there waiting for me now because Im so late. I thought I will be there on Thursday but now is Sunday and I will be there around 4.00. But it will be nice to just spend some time there. There is only power there for a few hours a day and most of the time its power hours. Im on the beach or somewhere else so most of the time I dont have any battery on my phone… But I will try to do as many posts as possible and also take some pictures 🙂
So my blog from yesterday when I write about sex tourism I write that the king thanks all the prostitutes for bringing in the sex tourism because it brings in money to the country and the people…. I dont know if its true or not just a thing I have heard from a few people so true or not…I dont really know but the rest of the things is just facts or my opinions.

Sex Tourism

Patthaya 2006
I was so tired yesterday after hours and hours on a bus but I met a really really nice British girl in my guest house and we ended up talking for 8h!!! hahah we had so much to talk about and she was so nice and the time was just running away. I think she will join me to Koh rong tomorrow so that will be fun 🙂
For the moment Im in the restaurant in my guest house and of course they are pumping some karaoke!! Im so tired of this bad,bad,bad karaoke music! Dont they have anything else to play!?! Ok now they turned on the other tv on the loudest volume on some shit american program ” the worst day on there job” Oooh!!! its not a good mix of this loud program sound and the Cambodian karaoke!
Me and the British girl was awake to early morning and we met so many drunk guys walking to there rooms with young Cambodian girls!!! I think thats so wrong! Its a big sign here at the guest house that you cant bring people under 18 into this guest house so I guess thats a big problem here in Cambodia. I was reading in the news yesterday that every year in Sweden about 400 people get HIV and 350 of them gets it in Thailand!!! There is no signs or commercial about that you need protection so people dont have it “in there face” so people dont think about it and they really should!!! I have also heard so many stories about guys who buy a girl and she do what he pays her to do and in the end he dont pay her! How far can guys go!? She has just gone as far as possible and sold her body and then the guy go even further and not pays her! Thats so disgusting!!! I heard that the Thai king went out on national television and thanks all the prostitutes in Thailand for bringing in the sex tourism because the sex tourists brings in so much money to the country… I guess the whole southeast Asia have a different view about prostitution then we in the western world have but if you buy a favour from  someone you should pay the price he/she said even if it is food, sex, massage or whatever the favour is you should not bargain about the price and you should especially pay!! I was also reading in the news that one of the biggest airport in Berlin will be ready 2014 and they will open the worlds biggest bordel next to the airport! Thats insane! They will have space for 600 guest and they will have 70 prostitutes! I dont know how that will go because thats about 8 customers a day :S I dont know how many customers a day a normal prostitute has but I think it sounds a bit too much with 8 a day…. I dont know about the price in Europe but I have google a bit and it seems like a normal price for a girl is about 60Eur and I dont think the western prostitutes dont gets paid or if its happen its not often….In Thailand the price is about 1000bt and thats about 20Eur so HOW can guys go so low and not pay this 20Eur to the girl!? Whats 20Eur in Europe…. 3 kebab, 3 pack of cigarettes, one dinner, one day rent…Like its easy to spend 20Eur really fast in Europe and 1000bt is about one week rent,  25 meals, 20 kebab, 26 pack of cigarettes…Just pay the girl or I really hope she have a nice brother that will cut off your penis 🙂

Bangkok – Sihanoukville

So it has been a looong travel! Or maybe it just feels like that. So my plan was Bangkok to Koh Rong.  I started in Bangkok: I went to the MRT, Lumpini park, exit 3 and when you come out exit 3 you just cross the street and walk against a big shiny skyscraper and after 3min walk you will come to a bus stop. A lady will come up to you and ask if you want to go with her bus company to Cambodia, so I said yes. I pay 200bt for a really really nice bus, one of the best buses I have take in Asia 😛 And it takes 4h to the border and then they drop you off there. So the first thing I did was to change some money on the bank at the Thai side of the border and then I walked in to check out from Thailand and into Cambodia.

The last time I was here I pay20$ + 1$ extra for something and this time they wanted me to pay 20$ + 200bt and 1$ is 29bt so no way that I will pay 200bt extra when I dont even know what for.  So I told them that I can give them 1$ and not 200bt and with no discussion they accepted it. And after 20min I have already checked out from Thailand and into Cambodia! So fast this time 😀

Outside the incheck they have free shuttle buses to the bus station so I took that but this time this bus didnt go to the bus station in the city, it went to a bus station 10-15min away from the city in the middle of nowhere! I asked the information guy if there is any buses to Sihanoukville and he said no!!! OOOH WHAT A JOKE! Of course there must be buses from the border to Sihanoukville! All the buses from Sihanoukville needs to go back so…

But yeah, after a while I decided that I need to go to Phnom Penh. I really dont like that city… Its nothing to do there. I like citys when you can take a walk and you find so many new things on the road but in Phnom Penh everything is just the same.  But it took me 15h to get to Phnom Penh! 4h to the border from Bangkok and then 1h on the border to the bus to Phnom Penh left, so it took 10h from the border to Phnom Penh! Usually it takes about 7-8h from the border to Phnom Penh and we only did one stop so I dont know what took so long time. But I arrived to my hostel, Mini Banana, around 23.30 and I was so tired so I just went out on the street and tried to find some food and then I went to bed. I couldnt sleep so good, I dont know why. I was dreaming about vampires and they was hunting me so I guess thats why I couldnt sleep. HAHAH I think I start to dream about that because on the bus ride they showed some Cambodian vampire movie 😀 When I tried to checkout this morning from the hostel, the girls didnt understand a single word of English! OOH!!! But whatever I got to the bus station and took a 6h bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville so now Im here. FINALLY!  But its not so warm here 😦 Or maybe it is but its much more cooler here then in Bangkok… We will see whats happening, I think I will go to Koh Rong on Sunday and we will see if they still got the job for me or if I need a plan B….

FINALLY in Cambodia!

So I just arrived to Phnom Penh….Really dont like this city but I will do a longer blog post tomorrow because Im so tired…I have been on a bus for 15h and I have just eat 2 small youghurts today and that was a looong time ago so I will try to finde something to eat now.

Ladyboy-Sexi Leggs


Its 02.35 and I just got home frome Adams Casa. He lives in a really crazy area here in Bangkok and its so mixed people there! Arabs, Indiens, Bangladeshi, Westerns, Thais and a lots of prostitutes and Ladyboys. So it is a fun area because its so much things happening 🙂 Its in Nana, so if you want to have fun, go to Nana. But I was so suprised when I walked home today because no taxi wanted to take me home (its not far thats why) but Im just lazy. So I start to walk a bit and it is a lot of street bars on the road and in one bar it was some really beautiful ladyboys sitting there and today I got my little green dress and it is a bit short but with shorts under it is ok. So when I walk pass them they scream after me ” sexi leggs! So sexi and beautiful!” haha not everyday I get a compliment from a group of ladyboys that I have sexi leggs and if they think so, then I guess I have it because I think the ladyboys in this country are the moste beautiful girls in Thailand 😛

Buddhas House


I didnt go to Cambodia today because the girl in the reception in my hostel told me the last bus to Cambodia is 17.00 but it was 12.00. So when I went down to the reception 11.00 they asked me where I will go and I told them I will go to Cambodia they told me that I dont have time to get the last bus…So I will try tomorrow 🙂
This is how the house looks like to my Buddha I got from Mr Chau on Koh Phangan. I really like my little Buddha! He is always in my bag 🙂 I dont know what the real name is but every time I have asked for a house to my Buddha they have always understand me so I will call it a house 🙂 So if you need the same thing you can just ask for a house to Buddha.
I dont have any big plans for today…I will exhange some money to dollar so I can pay my cambodian visa on the border and now I know that everyone is so picky with the money in Cambodia so I want perfect bills so I dont end up with the same problem as before. I had a 20$ bill that I got from the ATM in Cambodia and NO ONE. wanted to accept it! Because it was old and broked… So this time I will play the same rules as they do 😉



I came home around 02.00 yesterday because I was at Adams apartment and made some food 🙂 When I have the chance to be in a kitchen I always want to make some food, so I did 😉 But when I came back I couldnt sleep… So I was talking to my mom on skype for a while and then I went to bed. In my dorm room it was so cold! 25degrees and that too cold for me so I took 3 blankets :P. When it was around 03.30 I start to get so tired so I didnt know if I was awake or not but I remember this morning when I woke up that I remember a beautiful dream about my little dog back home in Sweden 🙂 His name is Pele and he is the best dog in the world! It was summer and we was on a grass field and I throw a ball as far as I could and he run as fast as he could and then back to give me the ball. I was caring him around in my arms and all his white colours became blue and pink and in the end purple and he was smiling 🙂 Just a little smile as dogs can do but you can see into his big black eyes that he is so happy and the energy he is spreading!! Ooh I miss my dog! I wish that I get a job in Europe this summer so he can join me 🙂 Maybe in a hostel and he can be the hostel dog that everyone loves 🙂

I got a fine in Bangkok

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So yesterday was my last day in Chiang Mai 😦 But I was a bit happy to leave because the first day of rain started when I left 🙂 hihihi I didnt do anything special the last day so I have nothing to tell you guys about that but…. When I arrived to the restaurant where I bought the ticket, just a few minutes later a taxi with a lot of people showed up and the man ask if Im the person who will go to Bangkok, I say yes and jumped into the car. He wants me to sit in the “V.I.P” seat ( next to him) and he told me that I was very beautiful, sexy lady…Thats the normal thing they always says because thats one of the few sentences they can say, both boys and girls.  So I did what I always do when Thai people say things like that… I just smile and dont say so much… After 15min of the same repeating sentence he took my hand and kissed it! (IUUU) But hey, no harm done yet. The second time he took my hand he tried to put my hand between his legs! ( IIIIUUUU )  So I told him thats not OK! Then I asked him if he have any wife and his answer is just, “yeah, yeah, yeah”. So I asked him if he have any kids and then the answer from him is ” I want to kiss you, I want to kiss you” oooh!! So after 40min with him in a small car we finally arrived to the bus. We was at this petrol station for 2h just to wait for 3 people!!! OOOH How can they do that to us!? If people are late, then they are late! Thats their problem not ours! But the bus ride was much, much better then the train! More comfortable, they showed 2 Hollywood movies and we did 2 short stops.  They always stop at weird restaurants with no food for non Thai people 😀 And all the tourists in the buses are just walking around, round and round with hope that maybe if I take a second or a third walk around the food maybe it will be better 😀 HAHAH They always have soy milk so I always buy that if they dont have anything to eat and if you drink it fast then you dont feel that your hungry anymore, at least for a while 🙂  I would recommend the bus if our heading up North in Thailand. The train is boring during low-season and always late! So the train is 18h but you have toilet and food there and the bus is 12h and they only do one 20min stop and one 10min stop so if you take the bus, have some food and drinks with you 🙂

So first day in Bangkok…. I thought that I got some skin disease so I went to the hospital and did some tests and stuff before I go to the Island and I got the answer that it was just eczema so she fixed a cream for me and hopefully everything will be fine 🙂 But WOW what a fancy pancy hospital! I was in Samitivej Hospital, Wow! It was like a shopping mall when I entrance the first floor! Fancy cafe, expensive pharmacy  and bright and clean! But everything was 2600bt!!! CRAZY PAZY! But I just needed the creams because now I have had this for a month and I want to get rid of it….

After the hospital I went to Adams new place and he got a really amazing view! So nice! And after that my plan was to go home and outside Adams house its a construction area with a lot of garbage and shit and I throw a piece of garbage there and walked maybe 100m and then a nice little securityman stops me and asked where Im from and I said Sweden…then he pointed at the policeman and told me to join him. I didnt really have any choice to run and I dont want to run from the police! So I join this guy to another policeman who give me a paper with 4 sentence in English that if you throw any type of g garbage on the ground you get a fine of 2000bt. So I said Im sorry, I didnt know, I didnt see any signs and I have never seen any signs about that or even heard stories about that before but he didnt care so I needed to pay 2000bt ( 40Eur )!!! OOH Im so angry! What a shit day! 4600bt poorer… Thats normally one week for me here! The day is not over so I hope the rest of the day will be better and now I will eat my free ice cream from the hostel!

Bye Chiang Mai

This was the shortest trip ever! But also the longest one. So I was on a train for 18h  I came to Chiang Mai on Friday afternoon. So I spend one evening + one day + one afternoon in Chiang Mai and now I will go back to Bangkok. But I will always like Chiang Mai, Its so nice here and still a very nice mix between locals and tourists. But to go back to Bangkok is not that wrong 😀 I like Bangkok! WOHO! And then back to the Island, Koh Rong!! Hell Yeah!

Ok, So yesterday we woke up and eat breakfast and after that we went to a massage place and it looked shit but it was soooooo good! The girls really know what they doing! The place looks like a really crappy place, not fancy at all, very simple but hey…the girls there was amazing!!! I will go there today again before I take my bus to BKK So I can look what the name is if you will come here sometimes…. The best massage place EVER! 😉 But after that I rent a bicycle and we drove around and saw some temples ( they are everywhere) and then we ended up in the Night Bazar! We stopped in a little mini market on the street outside the temple, we was so thirsty…And I got a little Buddha statue from my little Mr Chou on Koh Phangan and I have tried to find a house for my Buddha for a long time and this little lady in the mini market had a perfect house for him:) Every time I found a house I try it but my Buddha never fits in there so I was so Happy to finally found a house for him 🙂 After 3 month of searching I finally found a house for Buddha 🙂

We was walking around there for hours so it became a bit late so we took another massage before they closed 😀 HAHAH Its so cheap here and I will be on an Island so I cant take anymore massages so I take double now 😉 But we went to another place and it was just ok, just a normal Thai massage…nothing special. And after that we found a little German restaurant that was still open and we ate some food there and then both of us was so tired so we went back home.

Yesterday night it was 41 degrees in my room! THATS CRAZY! OOOH it was so sweaty! It felt like Im dying slowly…. But Hey I guess my bus to BKK will have a A/C so I will freeze my ass of on the bus as usual….

Good News!

So yesterday I arrived here to Chiang Mai. Last time I went here it took me 18h with the train… This time it also took 18h so I really dont understand why they say 15h on the ticket. So If you go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or the other way, then you know its 18h and not 15h by train. I was in third class seat on the train and everyone around me wa Thai and the family next to me was like some “gangster” family. The mom had her hands full of golden rings and “fancy” clothes and the dad had a really hard face with big arms and black tight jeans and big black cowboy boots and the kids was looking at me all the time! So I first thought this will be a long journey. The father was sitting next to me and between hes legs he had a box. After two hours he open this box and the cutest little puppy showed his little tired face and this scary guy pick it up and start to cuddle and feed it 😀 OOH So my train journey ended up to be really nice 😀 No one in the my carriage speak English so when he wanted to tell me something everyone helped him out with the few words they could say in English 🙂 It was really fun 🙂 

So my plan was to stay in Mint Guest house so I told the taxi driver to take me there and he said that he know where it was. So he drive me into the old town and drop me of on the street and point into a little alley and told me that Mint guest house is there. So I start to walk in there and it was so humid and hot and my bag as always was so heavy and I was so tired from this 18h journey. I walk in this little alley for about 10min and I dont find anything and in the end the road stops so I found a Thai guy and I asked him if he know where Mint Guest House is and he didnt know.  I didnt have a map or anything and I dont want to stay in a Guest house with no people so I start to try to get back to the main road again. When I finally get to the main road I had walked for maybe 40min and I asked so many tuk-tuk drivers if they could take me to SoHostel but they wanted 100bt for that and I know its about 30bt for that so I didnt take a tuk-tuk. After 1h walking I was so tired and thirsty so I had finally decide that I will take a tuk-tuk and pay this 100bt and in the same moment when I thinking about this one tuk-tuk guy stopped and start to talk with me, my phone is ringing and I answer and its a girl that I meet in a hostel in Bangkok, we planed to meet up here, and on the opposite side of the street I can see 4 girls in a restaurant waving to me! OOh it was a little bit too much  for me at that moment to I told my friend that I was a bit stressed and also my battery on my phone was almost dead after 18h on a train so I just took the first Guest House that I saw and its a really nice Guest House, Be Beez Guest House. Its clean and the staff speaks english and are so nice and a dorm room is 120bt! Thats nothing! But its only fans in the room but I didnt think it was too hot the first night so I dont mind. ts also on the 3 floor a really nice little garden with pillows to sit on and its really quiet and peaceful 🙂 

After I took a shower I meet up with my friend and we took a massage and eat some really good curry!!! 😛 And later we ended up at Zoeis Square. Thats the little party place here…WOW it was empty! The last time I was here it was packed! It was so many people in the bars so people couldnt fit inside so all the bars just “melted” together! And now some of the bars was even closed before 12!  CRAZY PAZY! After a while I decided to go home because I was so tired!!! So we start to walk, walk and walk…We was lost in the old town! HAHAH its not that big, I really dont understand how we could get lost…. But I was so tired and at night its almost no lights on so it is easy to get lost here. Also some of the streets have the same names and the signs are turned to the other direction…But after 2h walking adventure we finally find home again 😀 And I could go to bed and sleep like a baby 😀

But I saved the best to last…..I got a job in Cambodia 😉  WOHOO!!! So after 18h train ride I need to get back to Bangkok as soon as possible so I can get to Koh Rong 😉 Im so happy!!! WOHOOOO!!! I will be on a tiny Island and work in The Backpackers Hostel so if you are in Cambodia and want to see Cambodias little diamond then you need to come to Koh Rong and hang out at The Backpackers Hostel 🙂

Sawadee Chiang Mai!


So I booked my ticket to Chiang Mai, but wow what a big change with prices since December! When I went there in December I booked a/c sleeper seat for 750bt and it took me 18h to get there and this time because Songkran just ended and everyone are still on there way home I got a seat with fan for 400bt!!! ooh So I hope when I decide to go back to Bangkok it will be normal prices like 200bt for a seat.
I meet my friend James yesterday and he got a new cute, fluffy puppy!! So me,Kitty and voven was cuddeling 🙂
After that I meet Adam for some dinner at cocoICHIBYA!!! Ooh it was sooo yummy yummy in my tummy! It was amazing but I was so sad that I couldnt finnish my plate because it was so much food and it was so good 🙂 After that I went home and did some laundery and it may sound wierd but this was the second time I wash my clothes in a machine since November… I did it the first time at Koh Rong but when I got it back it was so smelly so I needed to do it myselfe! But wow this time it was soooo nice! Everything smells fantastic!

22.00 Is the start for my “15h” train ride to Chiang Mai!! Woho!



I meet my friend James today and he got a new little puppy!! Its so cute! Her name is voven 🙂 She is sooo cute!  When she lay on her back with her little tummy in the air she looks like a little ice bear!!

Last day in Bangkok…again


Look what I found in the Bangkok Times newspaper! So cheap!! So I guess if you want to do a sex change or get bigger breast or rowlift do it here in Thailand. I dont know Im not that in to this so I really dont know the prices but I think it be really cheap 🙂 But tomorrow I need to check out so I will go to the train station now to book a ticket 🙂



Ooh look what I found in Terminal 21shopping mall in Bangkok!! COCOICHIBANYA!!! Ooh this is my favorite Japanese restaurant. I just love Japanese curry and its not that expencive…around 170bth and thats about 500yen or 5€ I think. But ooh its so yummy!! And if you like your food a bit hot dont forget to tell them level 3-4 depends on how hot you want your curry but I would say that everything under level 3 is not hot at all. I like hot /spicy food but I still want to feel the difference between the meet and veggies so if I cant to that then is not eaven good! But maybe I will take my dinner there tonight and maybe I meet some nice Japanese people to hang out whit 😉

Mc Nuggets


Yesterday night we got a bit hungry and it was raining so we order take away McDonalds. We was 4people and all of us wanted nuggets so we order 5×10 boxes of nuggets. It was me whit did the order and when I called them its a lady who answer and I ask if she speak english and she said yes. So I do my order: 5boxes with nuggets, one coke, one frise and sweet&sour sause and curry sause. She asked me about my address and I give her the member code because the hostel said that when I do it they will see the address. But of course she didnt! So she ask me about the address 100times and I reading up the address on the card that I got and she still didnt understand so in the end she ask “name,hotel” so that was what she wanted not the address just the name of my hostel! After 10min the delivery guy came and he only have 3boxes, frise and coke. We got BBQ sause that taste like sweet and sour sause and PLUM sause!! Who wants plum sause to nuggets 😦 I call them back and ask if they mix up our order whit someone else…. And the guy told me that he will fix it in 45min, 25min and then he hung up! The nuggets we got was really dry and old so I asked for fresh once 🙂 After 15min the same delivery guy came with one more box, but that is still not 5 that we order and I had just got told that you get 2boxes if you order one box so I run in to the reception and ask if she can talk to the guys because we didnt understand each other! So after that the receptionist had talked to the delivery guy and the callcenter guy for 30min she paid one extra box for us and in the end we was eating 60 nuggets!!!! ooh Im still so full!!!!


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Yesterday was the beginning of Songkran and i was soooo fun!!! We bought our water guns on Friday night and then we took a walk around our area just to see if someone had already start 😀 And we found some Thai people that we got into a “war” with and we promised them to come back the next day. We was so excited for Saturday so it was almost hard to sleep!! But we woke up really early and took a walk around the area again and this was like 09.00 in the morning. Around our corner there was 20 kids with really powerful water guns! They had like a little backpack with water and guns that you just need to hold back once and when you drop the handle its starts to spray and its so powerful! We had big water guns but you know the “old style” so we need to pump, pump, pump, and pump 😀 All the kids was pointing their guns to our faces and just sprayed us in the eyes, nose, mouth, ears…everywhere!

After a while we decided to take a walk and shot some locals 😉 But we found this nice group of drunken Thais that gave us whiskey and food and we danced with them for a while and drank and eat and it was so nice 🙂 After that we took a bigger walk and we met so many nice people and everyone was so happy 😀


After a little rest in the hostel we took a tuk-tuk to Silom and we was 5 people + driver and we drove next to group with red shirts and we prepared to shoot at them but hey, from nowhere they throw soooo much water at us!!! We didnt even see if it was a big bucket or some high pressure canon but we got soaked!!! Of course all of us except the driver! But when we arrived to Silom it was CRAZY!!! It was people everywhere!!! We thought it was a lot of people around our area but this was just CRAZY! It was thousands of people throwing ICE water and big trucks throwing water that also played really loud music 😀 We got stuck on a little side street with some Thai guys that was really nice so we drank beer and whiskey with them for a few hours and of course we throw water at people 😉 But the most crazy thing on the street was the tree big fire trucks with the high pressure water!!! Like if it was an unfriendly demonstration and they need to get rid of us! It was sooo powerful and it was also a bit painful when it came into your face!! But WOW it was soooo fun!!!

Today I was walking from Adams hotel to my hostel and that was a 15min walk and I got soaked and white in my face 😉 HAHAH So even if you dont have a water gun they will throw water at you because your are a farang  (foreigner). But its so fun everyone is drunk and happy so if you are in near Thailand during Songkran you need to go to Bangkok to Silom to see, I guess, the biggest water war in the world 😛



So its only 11.00 and songkran have started and Im wett and have babypowder in my face!

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