Dorm Room Rules!

OOH! It is some rules that people should follow when they stay in a dorm room with other people. A hostel is not a prison, thats why its not signs everywhere on what to do and not to do!  Its just “special” things they have signs on like, check in/out time, “please be quiet after 21.00”, No smoking, save energy, dont use the computer more than 30min…. It is a lot of signs in a good hostel. But The thing is there is some few things that they dont have signs on because EVERYONE should know about this, its just ethics and morality.

The first things I get a bit annoyed on is when you come in to the bathroom and it is dirty! Yes I know it is the hostel staff who should clean the bathroom but  you can also just throw away your empty shampoo bottle or razors. No one will use that anyway so why cant you just throw it in the garbage can!? Its so easy and then it normally looks a bit cleaner and everyone is happy 🙂

The second thing is when you will leave “early” in the morning! Everything before 11.00 is early so just pack your bag the day before! Then you can wake up a bit later and you dont wake up your neighbours!!! It is really annoying when the person next to your ear start to pack a big bag that is to small for all your stuff that you have and thats a problem most of the backpackers have… Normal size bag with toooo much stuff to try to fit into your little bag and that will make a lot of noise when you try to press it into your little bag.

The third thing rustling bags!!!! OOOH can people just have a NON RUSTLING BAG! It is soooo annoying when the person in the same room wants to wake up earlier than you and then they have something like toothbrush in a rustling bag ! You will wake up the whole room and maybe the neighbour room.

I dont mind if people want to talk or have some stuff to pack before leaving or making a bit noise in the morning…. I know I live in a dorm room with 4-14 people almost everyday and I know everyone needs to “live” a bit and make some noise in the morning/night but sometimes it is like people not care at all and if you dont give a shit about the people in the same room as you then you are one of the worst backpackers ever and you should check in to a private room.

One example is this morning. In my dorm room its me and  Brazilian mom and her daughter. All of us went to bed around 03.00 and they wake up 07.00 to take a shower and put on some clothes and thats fine as I said, you need to make some noise and live a bit. One hour later around 08.30 they came in with 7 rustling bags and start to pack there things and because it was dark in the room they open the curtain and that was still not enough so they turned on the lights also…. And after 40min of  packing their bags I got up and took a shower eat breakfast and now 3h later they are ready to check out!!! oooh some people dont know how to respect each other in a dorm room. And yes I have earplugs but I got the same problem as so many other people have that they somehow just fall out of my ears when Im asleep.

Yeah yeah now your thinking that I should check in to a private room but wouldnt it be so much better if  everyone just can follow this small simple rules 🙂


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