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So yesterday I arrived here to Chiang Mai. Last time I went here it took me 18h with the train… This time it also took 18h so I really dont understand why they say 15h on the ticket. So If you go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or the other way, then you know its 18h and not 15h by train. I was in third class seat on the train and everyone around me wa Thai and the family next to me was like some “gangster” family. The mom had her hands full of golden rings and “fancy” clothes and the dad had a really hard face with big arms and black tight jeans and big black cowboy boots and the kids was looking at me all the time! So I first thought this will be a long journey. The father was sitting next to me and between hes legs he had a box. After two hours he open this box and the cutest little puppy showed his little tired face and this scary guy pick it up and start to cuddle and feed it 😀 OOH So my train journey ended up to be really nice 😀 No one in the my carriage speak English so when he wanted to tell me something everyone helped him out with the few words they could say in English 🙂 It was really fun 🙂 

So my plan was to stay in Mint Guest house so I told the taxi driver to take me there and he said that he know where it was. So he drive me into the old town and drop me of on the street and point into a little alley and told me that Mint guest house is there. So I start to walk in there and it was so humid and hot and my bag as always was so heavy and I was so tired from this 18h journey. I walk in this little alley for about 10min and I dont find anything and in the end the road stops so I found a Thai guy and I asked him if he know where Mint Guest House is and he didnt know.  I didnt have a map or anything and I dont want to stay in a Guest house with no people so I start to try to get back to the main road again. When I finally get to the main road I had walked for maybe 40min and I asked so many tuk-tuk drivers if they could take me to SoHostel but they wanted 100bt for that and I know its about 30bt for that so I didnt take a tuk-tuk. After 1h walking I was so tired and thirsty so I had finally decide that I will take a tuk-tuk and pay this 100bt and in the same moment when I thinking about this one tuk-tuk guy stopped and start to talk with me, my phone is ringing and I answer and its a girl that I meet in a hostel in Bangkok, we planed to meet up here, and on the opposite side of the street I can see 4 girls in a restaurant waving to me! OOh it was a little bit too much  for me at that moment to I told my friend that I was a bit stressed and also my battery on my phone was almost dead after 18h on a train so I just took the first Guest House that I saw and its a really nice Guest House, Be Beez Guest House. Its clean and the staff speaks english and are so nice and a dorm room is 120bt! Thats nothing! But its only fans in the room but I didnt think it was too hot the first night so I dont mind. ts also on the 3 floor a really nice little garden with pillows to sit on and its really quiet and peaceful 🙂 

After I took a shower I meet up with my friend and we took a massage and eat some really good curry!!! 😛 And later we ended up at Zoeis Square. Thats the little party place here…WOW it was empty! The last time I was here it was packed! It was so many people in the bars so people couldnt fit inside so all the bars just “melted” together! And now some of the bars was even closed before 12!  CRAZY PAZY! After a while I decided to go home because I was so tired!!! So we start to walk, walk and walk…We was lost in the old town! HAHAH its not that big, I really dont understand how we could get lost…. But I was so tired and at night its almost no lights on so it is easy to get lost here. Also some of the streets have the same names and the signs are turned to the other direction…But after 2h walking adventure we finally find home again 😀 And I could go to bed and sleep like a baby 😀

But I saved the best to last…..I got a job in Cambodia 😉  WOHOO!!! So after 18h train ride I need to get back to Bangkok as soon as possible so I can get to Koh Rong 😉 Im so happy!!! WOHOOOO!!! I will be on a tiny Island and work in The Backpackers Hostel so if you are in Cambodia and want to see Cambodias little diamond then you need to come to Koh Rong and hang out at The Backpackers Hostel 🙂


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Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. I love to travel, I did my first travel with a friend when I was 15 and after that I couldnt stop... I want to see more, more and more. But the most importaint thing for me is all the people I meet, all the new experience they give me and all the amazing storys they have and with a mix of everything I get more brave, explored, smarter, so in the end I get richer of life

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