I got a fine in Bangkok

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So yesterday was my last day in Chiang Mai ūüė¶ But I was a bit happy to leave because the first day of rain started when I left ūüôā hihihi I didnt do anything special the last day so I have nothing to tell you guys about that but…. When I arrived to the restaurant where I bought the ticket, just a few minutes later a taxi with a lot of people showed up and the man ask if Im the person who will go to Bangkok, I say yes and jumped into the car. He wants me to sit in the “V.I.P” seat ( next to him) and he told me that I was¬†very¬†beautiful, sexy lady…Thats the normal thing they always says because thats one of the few¬†sentences¬†they can say, both boys and girls. ¬†So I did what I always do when Thai people say things like that… I just smile and dont say so much… After 15min of the same repeating sentence he took my hand and kissed it! (IUUU) But hey, no harm done¬†yet. The¬†second¬†time he took my hand he tried to put my hand between¬†his¬†legs! ( IIIIUUUU ) ¬†So I told him thats not OK! Then I asked him if he have any wife and his answer is just, “yeah, yeah, yeah”. So I asked him if he have any kids and then the answer from him is ” I want to kiss you, I want to kiss you” oooh!! So after 40min with him in a small car we finally arrived to the bus. We was at this petrol station for 2h just to¬†wait¬†for 3 people!!! OOOH How can they do that to us!? If people are late, then they are late! Thats their problem not ours! But the bus ride was much, much better then the train! More comfortable, they showed 2 Hollywood movies and we did 2 short stops. ¬†They always stop at¬†weird¬†restaurants with no food for non Thai people ūüėÄ And all the tourists in the buses are just walking around, round and round with hope that maybe if I take a second or a third walk around the food maybe it will be better ūüėÄ HAHAH They always have¬†soy milk¬†so I always buy that if they dont have anything to eat and if you drink it fast then you dont feel that your hungry anymore, at least for a while ūüôā ¬†I would recommend the bus if our heading up North in Thailand. The train is boring during low-season and always late! So the train is 18h but you have toilet and food there and the bus is 12h and they only do one 20min stop and one 10min stop so if you take the bus, have some food and drinks with you ūüôā

So first day in Bangkok…. I thought that I got some skin¬†disease so I went to the hospital and did some tests and stuff before I go to the Island and I got the answer that it was just eczema so she fixed a cream for me and hopefully everything will be fine ūüôā But WOW what a fancy pancy hospital! I was in Samitivej Hospital, Wow! It was like a shopping mall when I entrance the first floor! Fancy cafe,¬†expensive¬†pharmacy¬†¬†and bright and clean! But everything was 2600bt!!! CRAZY PAZY! But I just needed the creams because now I have had this for a month and I want to get rid of it….

After the hospital I went to Adams new place and he got a really amazing view! So nice! And after that my plan was to go home and outside Adams house its a construction area with a lot of garbage and shit and I throw a¬†piece¬†of garbage there and walked maybe 100m and then a nice little securityman stops me and asked where Im from and I said Sweden…then he pointed at the policeman and told me to join him. I didnt really have any choice to run and I dont want to run from the police! So I join this guy to¬†another¬†policeman¬†who give me a paper with 4 sentence in English that if you throw any type of g¬†garbage¬†on the¬†ground¬†you get a fine of 2000bt. So I said Im sorry, I didnt know, I didnt see any signs and I have never seen any signs about that or¬†even¬†heard¬†stories¬†about that before but he didnt care so I needed to pay 2000bt ( 40Eur )!!! OOH Im so angry! What a shit day! 4600bt poorer… Thats normally one week for me here! The day is not over so I hope the rest of the day will be better and now I will eat my free ice cream from the hostel!


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Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. I love to travel, I did my first travel with a friend when I was 15 and after that I couldnt stop... I want to see more, more and more. But the most importaint thing for me is all the people I meet, all the new experience they give me and all the amazing storys they have and with a mix of everything I get more brave, explored, smarter, so in the end I get richer of life

2 responses to “I got a fine in Bangkok”

  1. David says :

    Jag fick också böter i bangkok för en fimp jag slängde utanför MBK.
    F√∂rhandlade ner det fr√•n 2000 baht till 1000 baht iaf ūüôā
    Sannolikt inte en riktig polis som du träffade (inte jag heller). Men vem är man att säga emot i den situationen?

    • melinaka1 says :

      Ja men precis, man vet ju aldrig men n√§r det √§r 3 arga poliser som fast best√§mt ska ha 2000bt och man sj√§lv √§r lite halft vissen i 45graders v√§rme s√• betalar man och g√•r…Tr√•kigt att de fortfarande ska bl√•sa tureister p√• de s√§ttet!

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