Bangkok – Sihanoukville

So it has been a looong travel! Or maybe it just feels like that. So my plan was Bangkok to Koh Rong.  I started in Bangkok: I went to the MRT, Lumpini park, exit 3 and when you come out exit 3 you just cross the street and walk against a big shiny skyscraper and after 3min walk you will come to a bus stop. A lady will come up to you and ask if you want to go with her bus company to Cambodia, so I said yes. I pay 200bt for a really really nice bus, one of the best buses I have take in Asia 😛 And it takes 4h to the border and then they drop you off there. So the first thing I did was to change some money on the bank at the Thai side of the border and then I walked in to check out from Thailand and into Cambodia.

The last time I was here I pay20$ + 1$ extra for something and this time they wanted me to pay 20$ + 200bt and 1$ is 29bt so no way that I will pay 200bt extra when I dont even know what for.  So I told them that I can give them 1$ and not 200bt and with no discussion they accepted it. And after 20min I have already checked out from Thailand and into Cambodia! So fast this time 😀

Outside the incheck they have free shuttle buses to the bus station so I took that but this time this bus didnt go to the bus station in the city, it went to a bus station 10-15min away from the city in the middle of nowhere! I asked the information guy if there is any buses to Sihanoukville and he said no!!! OOOH WHAT A JOKE! Of course there must be buses from the border to Sihanoukville! All the buses from Sihanoukville needs to go back so…

But yeah, after a while I decided that I need to go to Phnom Penh. I really dont like that city… Its nothing to do there. I like citys when you can take a walk and you find so many new things on the road but in Phnom Penh everything is just the same.  But it took me 15h to get to Phnom Penh! 4h to the border from Bangkok and then 1h on the border to the bus to Phnom Penh left, so it took 10h from the border to Phnom Penh! Usually it takes about 7-8h from the border to Phnom Penh and we only did one stop so I dont know what took so long time. But I arrived to my hostel, Mini Banana, around 23.30 and I was so tired so I just went out on the street and tried to find some food and then I went to bed. I couldnt sleep so good, I dont know why. I was dreaming about vampires and they was hunting me so I guess thats why I couldnt sleep. HAHAH I think I start to dream about that because on the bus ride they showed some Cambodian vampire movie 😀 When I tried to checkout this morning from the hostel, the girls didnt understand a single word of English! OOH!!! But whatever I got to the bus station and took a 6h bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville so now Im here. FINALLY!  But its not so warm here 😦 Or maybe it is but its much more cooler here then in Bangkok… We will see whats happening, I think I will go to Koh Rong on Sunday and we will see if they still got the job for me or if I need a plan B….


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Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. I love to travel, I did my first travel with a friend when I was 15 and after that I couldnt stop... I want to see more, more and more. But the most importaint thing for me is all the people I meet, all the new experience they give me and all the amazing storys they have and with a mix of everything I get more brave, explored, smarter, so in the end I get richer of life

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