Make the streets of Bangkok unsafe

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I know, I know…I have been really bad to update and I have so much to tell you guys! I dont even know where to start!

We havent had any generator for weeks, or it feels like weeks, I think we got a new one yesterday or I hope so. Thats why I havent updated for a while because all my electronic things needed to charge but I have nowhere to charge it. I really dont want to leave my computer or phone in another hostel, not because I dont trust the staff but you never knows who he people walks in there are so I just wait until we got power. It is a big problem that we dont have any power, all the batteries are also dead so we dont have any battery for the music and the flashlights. Its really annoying because who wants to stay in a hostel who gets totally dark when the sun goes down!? NO ONE! HAHAHA but what ever then we dont need to work so much 😉 We cant really do anything about it so we just need to wait for a new generator and tell the customers how the situation are for the moment.

The last weeks when we didnt have any power we have closed the bar earlier because its so dark and most of the evenings it is a bit stormy so all the candles are blowing out so its so unnecessary to have the bar open when no one even can see that we are open… Sometimes we move the bar upstairs into the dorm room because of the storm. The bar/restaurant are just an open area on the water so it gets more winds there then on the places on the beach.  But its really cozy because we are one of the few places who hang out with our Khmer staff and their friends so its fun with all the mixed people we have in our place 🙂

We got water “problems”. We have never had any tap water because the owner wont understand whats the problem is but when I come back that will be one of the 2 things that we will fix first! Problem nr one is that its leaking in when its rains but only in the staff dorms and in the bar its like a shower so I guess thats the only working shower 😉 And problem nr two is to move the water tanks up to the waterfall.  I know that I forgot to write so many things but the last days there have been some boxing on the beach, most of the time westerners against Khmers, The prime minister of Cambodia was on the island and we have went to a few local Khmer parties 😉 Its fun

For the moment Im in Bangkok, meeting Adam 🙂  But also because I needed to do a visa run but I really didnt understand how long time this will take! IT WAS CRAZY! I started on Wednesday 16.00, the boat from Koh Rong, it was a bit stormy and I get easy seasick so I puke once 😦 After 3,5h terrible boat ride I had a 15min pause in Sihanoukville I jumped on the bus that takes me half way to Siem Riep and then in the middle of the night they wake me up and said that I need to change bus and that bus takes me to the border and then when I come to the Thai border I change to a minivan …I felt sick 90% of the time and we did a 40min pause + this 15min in Sihanoukville and it took 23,5h!!!!!! OOOH When I arrived to Adam yesterday he had already fixed a spear bead for me and I was awake for maybe 2h and then I couldnt even have my eyes open and I slept for 12,5h 😛 But it is nice with civilization and I have already done some shopping and of course today its some stupid Buddha day so we cant buy alcohol and I wanted to have some fun 😉 Do some party and make the streets of Bangkok unsafe 😉


I still miss Koh Rong and I think its fun to “manage” the place and do how we want it to be and all our regular customers ( Khmer people )  and our Khmer staff and the western staff are so nice 🙂 We have so fun together 🙂 Even if we have a lot of dead time but we are a good group of people and I think we got the new generator, it suppose to be on the boat that arrives 16.15, 15min after I left the Island so it will be a surprise when I come back 🙂


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