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Freaky Friday

I arrived to Bangkok yesterday and wow it felt so good to me in a “normal” country πŸ˜€ Not that its something wrong on Cambodia but I prefer Thailand.

In an earlier post I write that I didnt like Cambodia but I take it back! I loved it there or at least Koh Rong. It was so nice there and all the people there πŸ™‚

The thing is that every time I have been in Cambodia and come back to Thailand and meet up Adam I always look so disgusting! Last time I had all this rashes with white dots everywhere on my body and just looked like a big walking disease! This time when I came back I had some eczema all over my arms and shoulders. My head has also itch for two weeks or so and I asked Nai to check for lice but he couldnt find anything so I thought it was some type of fungus or something. When I arrived here Adam told me to go and see a doctor….so I did…. The thing was the doctor said that I got scabies and need to shave my head!!!!! NOOOOO WAY! Im not shaving my head! Respect to the girls who actually have the strength so shave off all the long and beautiful hair but Im a coward! So I asked the doctor if there is any shampoo for it but he said no. But I didnt trust him so I went to the pharmacy and she looked on my head and said that I got lice!!! I bought a shampoo and a comb and yesterday night it was a long project to comb my hair! But IIIIUUUU so many of them 😦 Small, big, white, brown, black! Adam googled a bit and found that they change colour depend on the skin and hair colour of the person. It feels so good now! I dont know how I got it because I was sleeping with Quang, Nai and Tom and non of them had an itchy head. But whatever I dont got scabies or lice anymore πŸ˜€ Im looking good now πŸ˜‰ HAHAH

OOh This morning I woke up before Adam and I took a walk to the supermarket to buy some breakfast and on the way back this guy was following me. This guy was whispering behind me “hello, hello, miss” I was thinking this is just another desperate guy so I just kept walking but then he said with a normal voice ” please just turn around” so then I was thinking if I dropped something so I turned around and then he look at me and ask for my HAHAHAH What a joke! I said of course not and keep walking. I was almost outside the building when he start to talk so at this point I was in the building on my way to the elevator. When I press the button to wait on the elevator he came back into the building! And I dot know if he ask if he could buy me for 4000BTH or if he said that I could buy him for 4000BTH. HAHAH Crazy this was like 10am… Not everyday a guy offer himself like that to me, always irls but not guys. But I didnt want him to go into the elevator with me so I said that my boyfriend wouldnt be so happy.


I did some washing today and Adam dont have any balcony so I walked up on the roof top to hang up my clothes there and then one of Adams neighbour came up with his yoga carpet and some speakers and asked if it was ok if he played some music. Of course it was! But it wasnt ok that he took of hes towel and start to do yoga with the tiniest thong I ever seen and it was thongs for girls so the balls didnt fit in there so they was hanging out and he did all this weird positions. HAHAH OOh it looked so funny I wish I had a picture for you guys to see this πŸ™‚



Bye bye Cambodia.

So me and Tom took a tuk tuk to the airport together because he booked a flight to Australia, Perth, yesterday and plan to stay there a few month and work and Im on my way to BKK! Wohoooo!!! I just like Bangkok more and more. I dont like the food so much but Adam have a kitchen so its perfect πŸ™‚ The first thing I will buy in BKK is cornflakes! ooh it was so long time ago….I think it was 4month. Not that cornflakes is the best breakfast in the world but some times I just get this thing that it would be so good to eat cornflakes but its only really good 3 times a year haha
It was really sad to say goodbye to Nai yesterday… 😦 The hardest thing is that me and Tom dont have any Cambodian phone nr and I dont know why but hes Cambodian phone cant call my. Thai phone and he dont know how a email or facebook works so it will he hard to keep the contact. I just hope that Nai, Mama, Quang (my 3 favorits) are there for next year if Im not going back to Koh Rong in a month again…we will see whats happens its a bit to fare away to plan that now. But I should start to think about a plan. I have also planed to go back to Koh Phangan for a week or so… Meet Mr Chau and see how big and beautiful my little puppy, Buddha, is πŸ™‚

Gun Shoot

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I have left the Island for now and Im on the mainland. So the owners closed The Backpackers down for he season and the Dive Shop will rent it for month to have their divers over there. So the owner came and took everything except 5 mattresses. The thing was that the same day we closed it for the season Toms 2 friends came so now we was people on 5 mattresses. That works because Nai and Quang chere a mattress πŸ™‚ The first day after we help to move everything into the boat we met up our Khmer friends and celebrated that we had a whole building for our self and that we dont need to “work” any more!! So we bought some Khmer Whiskey and start to drink and eat πŸ˜€ The thing was that one of the mattresses was on the balcony and a storm came in a few seconds and I run back to the house to take in everything but I was soaked and the mattress was soaked so now we only had 4 mattresses on 7 people so me, Tom, Quang and Nai was charging one mattress HAHAH But it was really cozy πŸ™‚
It had rain all night and it was still raining when I woke up. 10 am we decide to take a walk to Soksan and thats the second village on the Island and its in the end of Long Beach. Me, Nai, Tom, Tou and Mr Police (that we didnt know will join us) start to walk πŸ™‚ Non of us have any flip flops so we walked Β in the jungle without shoes and it was so wet and muddy everywhere after the rain. The thing was that it seems like non of the Khmer know the way because they kept asking me and Tom for the way and I was there 3month ago and Tom was there 1month ago so we didnt really know the way 100% so of course we walked a bit wrong. We needed to climb down a really scary way and it was slippery and wet everywhere. I also almost stepped on a scorpion!!! I didnt think that they live in the jungle…Always when I think about scorpions I think they live in the desert πŸ™‚ When we finally arrive to Long Beach we cant see a single person! We was there all alone πŸ˜› It was so beautiful!!! The Khmers stopped for a talk and me and Tom was walking a bit slow in front of them. BOOOOM! From nowhere Mr Police take out his gun and start to shoot 3 times!!! And then he have hes gun in hes hand and the scariest smile ever and start to almost run against us! AAAH me and Tom start to freak out a bit but when he was 3m in front of us he stopt and laugh….Khmer humore!!! Crazy people!! When we are in the middle of the beach a massive storm came in and we was soaked in a second and it didnt stop and we are in the middle of an empty, 7km long beach! OOOH we was freezing the whole way to the village. When we came to Soksan it was so beautiful there! The locals are so friendly and the Bungalows over there are so beautiful! There is a waterfall over there and Nai and hes friends from the village asked us if we want to take a shower in the waterfall but both me and Tom was dead after all walking and we was freezing as hell after that shower from the rainwater so we was waiting on them in the village πŸ™‚
I dont think I need to explain how the way back was…It was really hard thats the only thing I need to say.
Usualy the boat horns 3times before it leaves but the day we left it only horn once so we almost missed the boat and I didnt have time to say goodbye to everyone!!!!!! AAAAAH!!!! The plan has always been that me, Tom, Nai, Quang and Raan will party in Sihnoukville for a night. The thing was when I left….I was so sad because the first person I said goodbye to was Mama! OOOH all the Khmers was on the beach and waved goodbye to us when we said goodbye! It was so sad to leave everyone! I thought Quang will join us to Sihnoukville but he didnt and I didnt give him a hug!!! I feel so bad! And when the boat start to go he came to the pier and waved!!! 😦 oooh I cried so much! It was so had!!! My little Khmer family πŸ™‚ And when we arrived to Sihnoukville we didnt have any plan….Or I guess the lan was to go to Utopia and sleep there for a night but on the pier between the boats, Raan was there and me, Tom and Nai got so confused. We didnt know that he will be there and I dont have a Cambodian SIM-card. To make a weary long story shorter. Nai and Raan didnt get on the bus that me and Tom was on and it took me 5min to realize that was the last time we saw them. Because we dont have any phones so how can we find each other!?!?!!?? The only thing we know is that Raan is on a parked boat somewhere. So me and Tom came to the Golden Lion and jumped straight into a tuk tuk and drivedΒ back to see if they are there. course when we arrived it was dark and we didnt see them.
The port in Sihnoukville is the biggest one in Cambodia so it is a lot of boats there!
We drivedΒ back to the Golden Lion and eat some amazing Indian food at the Slumdog outside Utopia and then we start to think a bit more how we can find them… Raan is working on the boat for the Dive Shop so we was thinking that they must be on that boat πŸ˜› So we asking around if someone knows where the Dive Shops boat is parked. After a while w know where that boat is. We jump into another tuk tuk and that tuk tuk guy said that we have met before and he also know my name…I didnt remember where I meet him but if he know my name I guess we met. Start to drive to the pier but another way and me and Tom got a bit panik because he drivedΒ us to a really dark road with no lights and just forest around us…. He asked if we want him to drive in on the pier but we said we can walk the last bit but wait for us we will be back. Me and Tom start to walk on this dark pier and its a big pier full of boats but on one of the boats here is some people drinking. That was the only thing that happened on the pier so Tom go to the boat and said “Nai”… No responding…”Nai” and then a guy came out from the boat and asked who are you and I think he didnt see me so he invited Tom to the boat and my plan was to stay there in the dark and wait for him to come out but then I hear “Tom! Where is Melina!?” So I walked up on the boat and as soon as this fishermen guys saw me they looked at Tom and asked why do you bring rubble here. Nai sai something to them and after that Raan sai something to them and the same guy who invited Tom on the boat keep repining “why do you bring rubble” Tom didnt hear him because he was talking to another guy that keep asking where he came from. So I just said “Nai, Tom, we are going NOW”. You could see that the repining guys started to be really angry that we, two white “barangs” was on his boat that time at night. The weird thing was that Nai know the tuk tuk guy that knows me because they are from the same village πŸ™‚ The good thing is that we found Nai and Raan and Utopia is SHIT! Because they dont let Khmer people check in because “maybe they will steal something” But come on!!! Its low season and It was only me and another girl in the room and she was working at Bunnas so she also know Nai. But yeah…nai slept in the bar untill 06.00 then he sneaked into my dorm and slept for a few hour more πŸ™‚
Tomorrow I will go to Phnom Phen for a night and then BANGKOK!!! HELL YEAH!

The Backpackers close for the season

The last week havent been so busy…Most of the time it has been really good weather but I dont know… we havent done so much… I have start to drink again so most of the time we are drinking some of the “jungle whiskey” HAHAH you get Β 3L of the jungle whiskey for 2.50$! And you also get really dunk but as soon as you stop drinking you get sober. Β So me, Tom, Mike and all our Khmer guys have done that the last days πŸ™‚

Every time me and all the Khmer guys are drinking they always wants to cheers with me and they also always want me to eat all the weird sea food they have. In Cambodia cheers means “Jolmoui” ( I dont know how to spell it ) But I have said for 3 month “Chonmoui” And that means fuck and to eat they say Nam Nam but to me they jay Jam Jam and that means blowjob so….Now I understand why they always buy drinks and food to me! HAHAH I feel sooo stupid but after one of the Khmer guys told me what it means its just a funny thing because now they have start to say cheers and eat food in English instead of Khmer πŸ™‚

One of the owners came over here yesterday around 10am and Mike was on the mainland try to sort his bank card so it was only me and Tom here and we didnt know that she will come and from nowhere she showed up and said we will close down the place for the season!! Crazy pazy! I dont really care so much…Im leaving the Island in a few days so its not really a big deal to not have any job anymore and if I really want to get a job I have already got some offers so….But its feel pretty good to have the last days here just with relaxing and not need to think about working…

I understand why they close for the season…Its absolutely no tourists here for the moment… Most of the bars thats open during the evenings is Β just full with staff from different places so its not worth to have it open. Β Mama and Nai will stay in the building until they open for the season again πŸ™‚ Β And for the moment me, Tom and Mike have our own house with 40 beds just for us selfe πŸ™‚

I cant write anymore its so hot! Im outside in the “wind” but it feels like a sauna!!! But I will be back to BKK on the 27th πŸ™‚ WOOOHOOO!!!!

Monsoon on Koh Rong

So the monsoon have start now and the whole Island is empty! It comes maybe 2 tourists everyday and all the places here try to get this 2 tourists so all the places are still open. It have rained for 4days now and it rains for 20min and then it stops for 5min and then it starts again. It have been like this for 3days now and the first day it rained for 24h. Because The Backpackers are on a pier and they are rebuilding the pier so you need to walk 5m on a small unsecured little wooden piece! Its so scary to walk there so we havent had so many customers and we dont walk outside because of the rain so it have been loads of movies all day πŸ™‚ But thats also cozy to have a little movie week πŸ™‚
But I hope the rain will stop and we will see some sun and some tourists !!!



Haha not the best picture but we all are hang over and tired from the wedding yesterday and its really humt today so we are dead! Me and Jesus had a fight 4 days ago so we havent said a word to each other since that. He had been sick for a week and havent lift a finger to help me and Tom. I know that he was really sick but when he starts to sitt in our cozy pozy corner thats on the opposit side of the bar, then I guess he can sit in the bar. So I let him sit in the cozy pozy corner for 1 day. The day after he did the same thing and he always just walk straight to the cozy pozy corner whitout to eaven ask if we need help. In the eavning we got a few guests that played some pool and dranked so I told Jesus to go upstairs because it doesnt look good if you have some one in the bar sleeping. Hes answer back was “suck my dick”. And this time I was so tired of him that he didnt eaven asked if we need help or anything. He is just here and get free accomodation, food and drinks whitout working. So the day after I asked him if he was working today and hes answer was ” does it looks like it” and I said “no,but then if your not working then i think you should go upstairs because its really frustraiting to see some one on the otherside that looks healthy to take over the bar for a few hours. So he said ” Who do you think you are to talk to me like that your fucking bitch”….. I was sooo angry I just wanted to kick him in the face! So since 4days ago he always works between 11.30-16.00 and after that he dont help us any more… So we will see how long time he wants to live like that.
But what ever…Shit happens I guess everyone cant be best friends.
We also have some creepy guy walking around in our place at night. A few days ago some one came up on our balcogny who had a deformed face and big scary hands! and the day after some one was walking around with a flashlight and the day after that some one took out my and Toms mosquito net! and we allways put it all the way under the matrass so now we have 4 big khmer guys sleeping in our house πŸ™‚


So whats happen the last few days…. Nothing special I guess. It was raining for 6h today so we watch 2 movies, Enter the void (again), cannibal holocaust( terrible movie! Worst I ever seen) Dont see Cannibal Holocaust but see Enter the void!!
What else is it…. Ooh yes! Me,Tom and Nai went out on a kayak trip yesterday :p It was really fun, Nai did most of the work but he was happy anyway as always πŸ˜‰ We didt come so far, maybe 15min walk futher on the beach haha but we ended up on a small beach with one house on and one guy, sleaping in a hammock. So we walked into the jungle and found a small waterfall. It was really nice. Tom was swiming and Nai took a walk on the clifs to find some snails to eat. I got afraid of a fish in the sea and jumped up on a rock and steped on a seachell! Ooh its really deep and Im afraid of the worms on the beach that they will crawl into me!! Its worms in the dogs pooh and the pooh on the beach in the sand and then people steps on it and if they have a open sore they can get worms… Some people allready got it…. We also swimed with a waterbuffalo! haha I dont have any pics 😦 I couldnt take my camera in a kayak!! haha

Birthday :)

Yesterday was Adams birthday πŸ™‚ Im a bit sad that I was in Bangkok the wrong weekend. Last weekend when I was there I was soooo tried the first day when I arrived and the day after was some Buddha day so they couldnt sell alcohol and the day after that I didnt felt so good and the day after that was a really, really nice day and after that I went back to Cambodia…. So I will give him some fun present when I see him nest time πŸ™‚
It was also Mamas birthday, our kitchen lady, she became 50!!! HAHAHA She told us 20.00 that it was her birthday and that it was 50! So we didnt get her any present but we had a really nice dinner together πŸ™‚ It was me, Tom, Mama, Nair and all their friends, so maybe 10 people in the bar, drinking eating food and dont understand a shit and just smile πŸ˜€ HAHAHA I need to learn more Khmer so understand this wonderful people πŸ™‚ It was a really nice day πŸ™‚
OOh I dont think I told you about the wedding! It was a wedding here in the village and we went there but me, Tome, Mama, Nair and his friends was just outside the wedding at a restaurant, Cocos, and me and Tom bought a bottle of red wine and a chocolate brownie because we just got our salary. So we was drinking the wine and had a really good time and from nowhere a big fight started and people start to scream and all the guys was in two big groups and was fighting and the fight moved fast to the more touristic area on the beach and I think every single Khmer guy on this beach was in the fight and Nairs friend tried to stop the two first guys so he and his friends was also fighting so we and Tom took them into The Backpackers and we was hiding there for a few minutes and as always me and Tom didnt understand a shit what they are talking about…. But one of hes friends are a real trouble guy he has been here for 4days and he has already been into 4 fights….so…troublemaker.

But yeah its not much happening here now….Its really low season and its get a bit bored once in a while…But I got a really good book I bought in BKK, Misou Soup. Its a really good book about a young Japanese guy that works with sex tourism in Tokyo and its extra fun because I know where the places they’re talking about are.

Sand flies

Yesterday was the first day we closed the bar and went to the beach for a while. Today we did the same thing, but we went to another beach and we got eaten nu sand flies!!! Oooh If had forgotten how itchy they are! Its craaazy!!! But to night its a Khmer wedding so we will see if we can sneak into the party πŸ˜‰ I guess if we bring some bottles of rum we will be welcome πŸ˜‰

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