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I have left the Island for now and Im on the mainland. So the owners closed The Backpackers down for he season and the Dive Shop will rent it for month to have their divers over there. So the owner came and took everything except 5 mattresses. The thing was that the same day we closed it for the season Toms 2 friends came so now we was people on 5 mattresses. That works because Nai and Quang chere a mattress 🙂 The first day after we help to move everything into the boat we met up our Khmer friends and celebrated that we had a whole building for our self and that we dont need to “work” any more!! So we bought some Khmer Whiskey and start to drink and eat 😀 The thing was that one of the mattresses was on the balcony and a storm came in a few seconds and I run back to the house to take in everything but I was soaked and the mattress was soaked so now we only had 4 mattresses on 7 people so me, Tom, Quang and Nai was charging one mattress HAHAH But it was really cozy 🙂
It had rain all night and it was still raining when I woke up. 10 am we decide to take a walk to Soksan and thats the second village on the Island and its in the end of Long Beach. Me, Nai, Tom, Tou and Mr Police (that we didnt know will join us) start to walk 🙂 Non of us have any flip flops so we walked  in the jungle without shoes and it was so wet and muddy everywhere after the rain. The thing was that it seems like non of the Khmer know the way because they kept asking me and Tom for the way and I was there 3month ago and Tom was there 1month ago so we didnt really know the way 100% so of course we walked a bit wrong. We needed to climb down a really scary way and it was slippery and wet everywhere. I also almost stepped on a scorpion!!! I didnt think that they live in the jungle…Always when I think about scorpions I think they live in the desert 🙂 When we finally arrive to Long Beach we cant see a single person! We was there all alone 😛 It was so beautiful!!! The Khmers stopped for a talk and me and Tom was walking a bit slow in front of them. BOOOOM! From nowhere Mr Police take out his gun and start to shoot 3 times!!! And then he have hes gun in hes hand and the scariest smile ever and start to almost run against us! AAAH me and Tom start to freak out a bit but when he was 3m in front of us he stopt and laugh….Khmer humore!!! Crazy people!! When we are in the middle of the beach a massive storm came in and we was soaked in a second and it didnt stop and we are in the middle of an empty, 7km long beach! OOOH we was freezing the whole way to the village. When we came to Soksan it was so beautiful there! The locals are so friendly and the Bungalows over there are so beautiful! There is a waterfall over there and Nai and hes friends from the village asked us if we want to take a shower in the waterfall but both me and Tom was dead after all walking and we was freezing as hell after that shower from the rainwater so we was waiting on them in the village 🙂
I dont think I need to explain how the way back was…It was really hard thats the only thing I need to say.
Usualy the boat horns 3times before it leaves but the day we left it only horn once so we almost missed the boat and I didnt have time to say goodbye to everyone!!!!!! AAAAAH!!!! The plan has always been that me, Tom, Nai, Quang and Raan will party in Sihnoukville for a night. The thing was when I left….I was so sad because the first person I said goodbye to was Mama! OOOH all the Khmers was on the beach and waved goodbye to us when we said goodbye! It was so sad to leave everyone! I thought Quang will join us to Sihnoukville but he didnt and I didnt give him a hug!!! I feel so bad! And when the boat start to go he came to the pier and waved!!! 😦 oooh I cried so much! It was so had!!! My little Khmer family 🙂 And when we arrived to Sihnoukville we didnt have any plan….Or I guess the lan was to go to Utopia and sleep there for a night but on the pier between the boats, Raan was there and me, Tom and Nai got so confused. We didnt know that he will be there and I dont have a Cambodian SIM-card. To make a weary long story shorter. Nai and Raan didnt get on the bus that me and Tom was on and it took me 5min to realize that was the last time we saw them. Because we dont have any phones so how can we find each other!?!?!!?? The only thing we know is that Raan is on a parked boat somewhere. So me and Tom came to the Golden Lion and jumped straight into a tuk tuk and drived back to see if they are there. course when we arrived it was dark and we didnt see them.
The port in Sihnoukville is the biggest one in Cambodia so it is a lot of boats there!
We drived back to the Golden Lion and eat some amazing Indian food at the Slumdog outside Utopia and then we start to think a bit more how we can find them… Raan is working on the boat for the Dive Shop so we was thinking that they must be on that boat 😛 So we asking around if someone knows where the Dive Shops boat is parked. After a while w know where that boat is. We jump into another tuk tuk and that tuk tuk guy said that we have met before and he also know my name…I didnt remember where I meet him but if he know my name I guess we met. Start to drive to the pier but another way and me and Tom got a bit panik because he drived us to a really dark road with no lights and just forest around us…. He asked if we want him to drive in on the pier but we said we can walk the last bit but wait for us we will be back. Me and Tom start to walk on this dark pier and its a big pier full of boats but on one of the boats here is some people drinking. That was the only thing that happened on the pier so Tom go to the boat and said “Nai”… No responding…”Nai” and then a guy came out from the boat and asked who are you and I think he didnt see me so he invited Tom to the boat and my plan was to stay there in the dark and wait for him to come out but then I hear “Tom! Where is Melina!?” So I walked up on the boat and as soon as this fishermen guys saw me they looked at Tom and asked why do you bring rubble here. Nai sai something to them and after that Raan sai something to them and the same guy who invited Tom on the boat keep repining “why do you bring rubble” Tom didnt hear him because he was talking to another guy that keep asking where he came from. So I just said “Nai, Tom, we are going NOW”. You could see that the repining guys started to be really angry that we, two white “barangs” was on his boat that time at night. The weird thing was that Nai know the tuk tuk guy that knows me because they are from the same village 🙂 The good thing is that we found Nai and Raan and Utopia is SHIT! Because they dont let Khmer people check in because “maybe they will steal something” But come on!!! Its low season and It was only me and another girl in the room and she was working at Bunnas so she also know Nai. But yeah…nai slept in the bar untill 06.00 then he sneaked into my dorm and slept for a few hour more 🙂
Tomorrow I will go to Phnom Phen for a night and then BANGKOK!!! HELL YEAH!


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