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I was in my basement and I found my beautiful paintings I bought in India 2 years ago and I still dont have anywhere to hange them up 😦  haha I dont have any home and its not like I want to travel with them and put them up on every new “home” I arrive to 🙂
I love them! It is UV paintings so with a uv-lamp they are glowing in the dark and become so bright and beautiful 🙂 Love them!!!
If I dont remember it wrong they have a website where you can buy there paintings, But if you are in Goa, Anjuna, they have 100 and 100 different paintings and when I was there 2years ago they was 30 different artists with different styles and you can also get one made just for you and they send it to you.


Candy shop



A few days ago I met one of the bests, Eddi. I didnt eaven know that he was home becaise he have been in Asia for a month and I didnt know when he will be back home. But I met him on Sunday afternoon and we bought some cookies and went to the park 🙂
Yesterday I met Jeimie and we drank a few drinks 😛 It was so fun ! Its always fun to meet Jeimie because she is the best!! 🙂 We had so fun with new and old memories 🙂 We also met a few tourists from Italy and they asked us where to party…But I havent lived here for 6years I dont know where to party on a monday… And what I know Mondays is not really a partyday. You can go to Söder and drink a few beers and meet people until 01.00 but if you want to dance and go crazy on the dancefloor then mondays is not the best day for that.
Today I spend some time with my mom. We havent spend any time at all for a wery wery long time and she just came home 2 days ago frome one of Swedens most beautiful Island, Gotland. Se we did some shopping and Jeimie recommend me this candy shop so me and my mom went there and WoooooW! 1000 different types of candy so you can fine your favorit candy 🙂

Trädgårn (The Garden)



Yesterday I met Emz and Svante. They was invited to a birthday party so we went on a kickbike hunt. Its a fun present, she bought me one a few years ago and I still have it 🙂 When we found it we went for a coffee.
It was so nice! I remember a few years ago then the warmest hours of the day was between 11.00-14.00. Now the warmest hours are between 14.00-18.00! Its sooo nice to not stress and wake up early to get some tan 🙂
Later I met the girls and we drank some beer and do what girls always do…talk, laugh, talk, laugh and talk 🙂 Khristin, Moa, Micha and me met up Tesad and Tzimbo and we went to Söder ( South). On Söder you can find good clubs, good bars, good price and really good people 🙂 So we went to Trädgårn and its only open in the summer time and it was really nice! Good music and different rooms whit different music for everyone!  We had so fun!!!
When you hang out on Söder with the right people you always have fun 🙂

Girls nightout!





Yesterday after I met my friend Tesad I met up my girlfriend Deo and we took a beer and then we went home to Erika. She lives in a beautiful hous with a really nice garden so we was sitting in the sun and drank wine 🙂 After a while Moa and Maja came and it was time for dinner. Erika had done some really good meatballs, bulgursalad, sause and bread. It was sooo good! Then we was sitting there for 5h and drank 6l wine and talked old an new memories! It was so fun! We did so many stupid things togheter in high school 😛
After that the plan was to go out to Stockholms finest clubs where we hanged out when we was 16!! Haha I havent hangd out there for years!! Its to expencive and not really my type of people… It was a disaster! A sign that we are too old for this shit! Erika had put us on the guest list but when we arrived to “Stures” the door guy said that we was 5min late and need to pay 20 €! We dont want to stand in a 20min line to pay 20 €! So we went to “East” ( just a crowded bar) hangd out there for a while and drank some more wine. After that we took plan B “Berns”. My friends Tesad and Bader was there and they told me that our other friend was working in the door so  we can go in for free but changes had been made and he didnt work and we didnt want to pay 25 € for 1h!!! We hangd out outside for a while and I met Tesad and Bader for 10min and then me and the girls decided to have “after party” in MacDonalds 🙂
I dont know whats happen but me, Deo, Moa we just became 25 and I guess we are old and ugly now 😉 No but I dont understand the Swedish night life… The bouncers are shit and unpolite and just want 18year old girls with dads creditcard and loads of hairy old guys!! The people in that aria have a stick in their ass…they are so afraid of random people talking to them and the drinks are sooo expencive there so my wallet are crying to just breath the air there! No but I got the feeling that we was 16 again and was trying on place to place and pulled all the contacts we had ( and thats not that many anymore)
Its really fun to meet everyone but I need to leve this country asap!

Old school


Just met one of my oldest friends from school we havent met each other in 6 years!!!! But it was so fun because everything was like yesterday but we had a milion things to talk about 🙂

Ice cream


The wine night with the girls was so fun! We had so much to talk about and we got ooades of wine, chips, cheese 😛 It was so fun!!
Yesterday I meet Jeimie and we took a walk in the city and then I ate my first soft ice cream in years! Mmmmh yummy, yummy!
Today my granny will come home to us and eat brunch and then I will meet some friends 🙂

Wine with the girls tonight


Ok I take it back! Sweden is hot (some times) Today its 28 degrees and its really nice 🙂
Today its wednesday and in Sweden we call it “lill lördag” ( lill saturday) so me and the girls will drink some wine tonight 🙂 Ooh it will be so fun! I havent met them in 2years 😦 So tonight is the night for some wine time in the mystical Swedish summer night. I just made some chilli corn carne and it will be sooo yummy yummy in my tummy!

Sweden is cold


Today have been one of the best days! I meet one of my best friends, Jeimie 🙂 It was so fun to meet her again and we had so much to talk about and the time just flys away when you have fun. We went to a cafe and we was talking about everything for 3.5h! We will meet again tomorrow evening 🙂 After Jeimie I meet my partner in crime, Emz. It was so fun to meet her too! We also have alot to talk about so we went home to her and we looked on alot of my pictures from this trip. After that she tried to fix tickets to the football game PSG – Hammarby.  We didnt get any tickets but I dont minde so much… I know that Zlatan plays in PSG, 2 teams, different shirts and one ball ahaha I also think its freezing and I dont have the right clothes for this weather.
I hate the weather! People are walking around with shorts and t-shirt but today it was only 17degrees!!! I want to have my big, warm winter jacket! But I cant have that…its only July so I need to freeze a bit longer. On Thursday it will be 28 degrees so I really hope it will be that too 🙂
I have tried to buy my favorit Swedish candy since I arrived but everytime I have been to the store I have forgot it or they dont have it so when I came home now my brother have bought it for me 😀 wooohoo!! In English its “Jungle scream” Its salt liqcuorice. Its really hard to finde that outside scandinavia…if you finde loqcuorice its always sweet liqcourice and I really dont like that…its needs to be salt liqcourice 🙂

Norwegian Airlines



My flight home yesterday was one of the worst… or it was the worst I ever fly with. I always just take the cheapest and then I know I get what I pay for. I dont need it fancy or anything but I expect a bit service when you pay for it.

When I booked the flight, last-minute, most of the prices was the same so I took Norwegian because they only had 11,5h flight direct Bangkok to Stockholm. I have fly with Norwegian many times and I thing they are really good. When I have fly with Norwegian before it has always been in Europe so just a few hours and I get good service, wifi, food and a really good service 🙂 So my options was Thai airways 29h or Norwegian 11,5h for the same price so I took Norwegian because I dont want to spend 29h travelling for the same price.

When I booked the ticket I needed to click that I want to pay 50 eur extra for check in my bag, food and reservation seat. When you book it you dont have any choice you need to accept this otherwise you cant move to the next step. So the flight was in time and I get onboard, take my seat and the flight looks nice like a normal flight. As soon as we are up in the air the serve us the first meal. Dry chicken with hard rice, old vegetables and some smelly fish salad  and a glass of water, wine or pepsi. After about 1h they lower the temperature to maybe 17 degrees!!! It was sooooo f**king cold I thought we will die in this freezer to airplane! They only do that because they dont give you any blankets, you need to buy them for 5$! Its a really thin blanket so its not so helpful at all. I asked the cabin crew to higher the temperature but the first time she said she will do it and the second time she said “its not that cold and if I dont think its that cold I cant do anything”  HAHAH what a service!!!! We also had tv screens on the seats but you need to pay them to put hem on, I think it was 20$. After 6h I asked the girl when the next meal comes and she said that the next meal will be later and if Im hungry now I can buy something and then she gave me a menu. The only food on the menu was pasta with meet so if you are vegetarian, vegan or gluten allergic then the only thing you can eat is candy or a small portion of nachos and salsa. After 10h then they serve the last meal and that was a tiny sandwich with loads of butter and a small yoghurt and then you also get 3 small vacuum packaged cups with juice.

It was the worst ever! I think the cabin crew was so unfriendly!

Norwegian is good in Europe for short distance flight but for long distance flight Norwegian is like Ryanair is in Europe… SHIT! I would rather fly 29h and know that this 29h will be good then to fly again with Norwegian for that many hours. Its not worth it at all! It would be another thing if they did as Ryanair, that you only pay for the flight taxes and if you want to check in your bag you pay extra but 10h without food and a crappy service when you have paided extra for the service charge…   It was shit! Dont fly with Norwegian for long  distance even if they are “cheap”.


So I left Koh Phangan on Tuesday around noon and it was really good weather but after 20 min in the boat it became the craziest waves ever! It was a really long time ago I felt that seasick… It was terrible because they never count that it will start to rain and all the people outside will go inside so we was maybe 150 people inside the boat in a small room for maybe 80 people. The little boat was driving in full power on the big waves and the boat was just following the waves.  Because we was so many people in that small room the air was sticky and it was really hard to breath and it was so hot and people was vomiting in bags everywhere! When we arrived to Koh Samui I almost felt that I just wanted to die a little bit because I know that was not even halfway done to Surat Thani. In Surat Thani we took the bus up to Bangkok and I was sleeping 99% of the time and I arrived to Bangkok 04.30. Adam was still awake so when I arrived to him we just went straight to bed and I was sleeping for 16h!!! HAHAHA I dont know how I could sleep that long.

The day after, 19th, it was my birthday so I went to do some quick sopping and then Adam surprised me with an herbal massage on Healthy Land. OOh It was sooo goood! Then we went for dinner and took a few drinks. I had been sick on Koh Phangan for more than 10 days so I didnt really feel to drink too much. It was the perfect birthday! Not too much, just good company, good food and have some fun 🙂 Thank you Mr Adam 🙂

Saturday was a bit stressy because that was the last day for shopping so I went to the weekend market and I bought  a shirt, some shoes, presents for my mom and brother and then me and Adam took a quick walk on Khaosan Road. Wen we was walking I meet my Korean friend DaeYun from Koh Phangan. It was so fun to see him and it was also hes last day so he was also in a shopping mood 🙂 He had the best laugh in the world! When he start laugh everyone else just start to laugh with him 😀 I also meet Cärol a friend from Cambodia and that was also so fun 🙂 It was really nice to meet them the last day before I left 🙂


So…Im in Sweden now… Feels really weird after this long time away… and I dont know, Im not a big fan. Its 21 degrees now and its 22.00 and I can see people walk around outside with shorts and t-shirt but Im inside, freezing with my pants, socks, shirt and a jacket… It was really beautiful to see the green fields and the green forest and my granny and grandpa pick me up from the airport and when I came home my brother had done some really nice food for me. Mmmmh! Sooo nice with “normal” food again and my little dog…. aaaw my little dog is so cute! He is a bit fat but rather that then skinny 🙂

The flight here was terrible.. one of the worst. I will write more about that tomorrow, now its finally sleep time 🙂




See you soon Koh Phangan

The last few days have been good 🙂 Im not sick anymore so thats great!

The weather have been a bit gray…Rain all the time or not raining but small raindrops all the time.  On Tuesday, the day after Halfmoon party it was after party on Baan Shabai 🙂 I went to 7/11 first as always and I meet a really cool Japanese guy there 🙂 Yuya! Yuya is a psytrance Dj and have played on a few of the parties here on the Island. When we finally arrived at Baan Shabai it was only 1h left on the party and only 2 people dancing. The Dj that was playing for the moment played soooo good music so I just needed to dance the last hour 😛 I dont know what happen but when I start to dance…everyone else also start to dance…Maybe Im a dance magnet 😉 HAHAH In the end we was maybe 20 people and everyone was dancing 🙂 It was really fun!

Yesterday I took a drive around the Island and took a last massage at the place next to Cookies . They are so nice the people who works there 🙂 I was drinking my tea for 40min and just talked with them. After that I did some shopping. Or my Wednesday started with shopping. I had only slept for 4h and woke up and wasnt tired at all so on my way to the breakfast I stopped in a few stores and did some shopping 🙂 I also ate a Mr Pizza, pizza yesterday ans WOW they are sooo yummy, yummy in my tummy!  Later that evening I meet Yuya again and we was just relaxing in the hammock and listen to goooood music 😉

Today is the last day at Koh Phangan. I will take the bus to BKK and that will take soooo long time as always… I will be in BKK around 05.00 so I really hope Mr Adam is awake so I have somewhere to sleep 🙂

Power cut with scary people

Yesterday was the first day I felt good 🙂 So I was relaxing in the hammock on the beach and start to read my new book., The Thief. Its a Japanese writer and the book is about a Japanese teenager that is a pocket thief in Tokyo 🙂
The guy in the bungalow next to me is a Swedish guy. It took him 3days to tell me he was Swedish… He had the Swinglish accent and I asked him 100 times but he always said he was German… I think he is a bit weird. When I asked him why he told me that he was German and not Swedish he said ” I think it was fun, and I also like to talk English”. I dont really think he think its that fun because his English was shit.
Later when we was on the balcony it start to be really windy and after so many month on islands I know thats the wind to a storm. Maybe not a big skill but I got some weather skills 😉 So yes, its start to rain, wind, thunder! It was straight over us and I was on my balcony in my hammock and had some cozy time with my dog. When the thunder was straight over us the light start to flash and it did that 5times and then it got totally dark everywhere! Even the street lights was black. I went into my bungalow to find my flashlight but oooh I forgot to charge it!! So I watch the rest of a movie and after 40min we still didnt got any power so I walked outside to see if any of the other resorts had any power… I meet the Swedish guy on the balcony so I asked him if he want to join me to 7/11 to see if they got power and to buy some candles. But the wind was so strong and the rain was pissing down and smacked me in the face so hard so it was even hard to have my eyes open. It was maybe a bit dangerous to drive at that moment and when we came out on the “big” road then we saw that the whole Island was without power. We decided to drive home again. When we came home I didnt feel like I wanted to talk with this guy anymore so I said that I will go to bed. I went home, watch a movie and almost felt asleep. Someone is knocking on my door! I ask who it was and its a guy telling me to come out from my bungalow, NOW! ( with a really angry voice) So I said no and hes answer back was “Then I wait for you”! SCARY!!! When he realized that I got a bit scared he said that it was him. I think that thats not a fun joke  when the power just went off and its a storm. Maybe I have seen too many horror movies but I guess most of the horror movies is based on a real story, or almost like the real story. After 4h the power was on again 🙂

Getting better

sick days(1)


So Im still sick but it really tarts to get better now 🙂  At the hospital they told me that I got some bacteria in my body (Like I didnt know that before the test).

But now Im eating 5 different tablets to get better 🙂 So today will be the second day Im going to the beach in 8 days…I need to catch some tan before it gets bad weather again…

So the last days I have finish my book, watch a lots of movies, documentaries and lay in my hammock on the balcony. Its really nice that the dogs wants to join me on the balcony at night and even sleep there but PLEASE! Dont bark! Really annoying, one of the dogs was howled for maybe 20min 05.30 this morning!! and its so hot in my room so I have the window open so its like this little dog are in my bed, next to my ear howling!!!! I guess thats also not the best when your sick…to always wake up all the time to scream at the dog to be quiet. We also have some black birds here that screams “HALLO, HALLO, PAPEGOJA (Parrot in swedish)” It is a bit scary sometimes… Its really loud and sometimes even the dogs get scared and think its a person there in the dark so then the dog start to bark…It just like a zoo here 🙂

Today is Halfmoon party…We will see if Im going. The best thing to be sick here is that I have been to  this party before so its not a big deal to miss them. Its 500Bt entrance so if there is a lot of people so I can sneak in then Im going but if I need to pay 500Bt to maybe be there for 20min and then get fever again…that would really feel like waste of money.  

I didnt go to Shivamoon and I didnt go to the Jam bar but I went to Saturday walking street. Half of the street was full with weird smelly food and the rest of the street is full of secondhand clothes that tourists from the last season have forgotten. I dont know I dont mind secondhand clothes but some already used hippie dress that have been washed 200times and then got sun bleach… Yeah 20Bt for that dress its worth it if you have the biggest bag in the world and are pippi longstocking…But my bag is full and really heavy and Im not pippi longstocking so I dont want to buy things like that. I bought a shirt, its a really nice dark red color and it was only 50Bt 🙂 So the walking street is not how it usually is during high season.  But now its beach time 🙂        

Still sick


Im still sick so I went to the hospital this morning and they gave me so many tabletts and powder to mix with water… I also got this good bag 😉 I need to go back to the hospital now because I did some tests there and I will go back now to get the answer…I really hope they know what it is so they can fix me!! My birthday is in 6 days….I dont have any plans yet and I dont minde if I just watch a good movie on my birthday but I really dont want to be sick 😦
Wish me luck 🙂

Sick :(

OOh This is not so fun! The last days in BKK, I didnt have any energy at all and I was sleeping for hours and hours I tried to eat as healthy as possible just to get extra energy. I guess the AC on the train and boat and that I was freezing for that many hours finally made me sick.

My throat is really swollen but I managed to eat some soup and drink tea yesterday. Yesterday evening I was just home and watch some YouTube documentary about HIV in Sweden in the 80’s. It was so terrible how the first HIV patients got treated and how scared people was.  Im so happy that we know better now and its not the same, or at least in most of the world.

Today when I woke up, I have so much pain in my whole body that it is painful to even lie down. My ass is so painful because I have such a fucking bony ass!! (I have lost 3kg more  since I was here the last time), sitting on a scooter is not the best with my little bony ass! I sweat like crazy because of the fever, so this morning when I took a shower even the water beams was painful on my body.  So I cant do so much more than to stay home and drink a lot of hot water because I dont have any fridge.


It was not how I had planned to spend my time on Koh Phangan… The next party I want to go to is 12th July, so I have two days to get better. It is really nice that I have good company, Mermaid. Right now she is in my bathroom and cooling off in there because its a cold concrete floor ad shadow 🙂

Almost died on Koh Phangan

Yesterday was the first day on my lovely little Island Koh Phangan.

I drove around on all the small roads that I love and did some stops in the middle of nowhere just to relax and enjoy the moment 🙂 I went to my curry lady in the food market and wow…so good! How can she make it so good and no one else? Its a simple dish but she makes it perfect! And I also forgot how big she always makes them so I forgot to tell her to do a small curry for me 🙂 But next time….

From my beach in Thong Sala you can see all the way to Samui and I could see it was a storm over there so I thought that that storm will come here so I thought I can spend an hour in my bungalow while it rains or I can go to the mssage next to Cookies. HAHAH not a hard decision! Me and Scoopy drove as fast as we could in that wind and as soon as I stepped into the massage place they screamed “SEXY LADY YOU ARE BACK” HAHAHA So yes they remember me 😀 She also said that I had lost a lot of weight….But I dont know I dont think so but I see my selfe everyday… Outside every 7/11 you can pay 1Bt on a little weight machine so I will do it later… I know the last time I weight my selfe was when I was here a few month ago and then I was 59Kg so I dont think I lost so much more…:) But whatever who wants to be bony-skinny? Not me…

But OOh the massage there is so good! Now they also had 2 new girls so I got one of the new girls and she was also perfect!!! 300Bt for the massage there and they also use some green tiger balm massage cream so its really nice 🙂




After that the rain was over and I went home to wait for Mr Chau for the Thai BBQ. He told me that it will be he and 2 friends so I thought it will be 2 Thai friends but it was my neighbours 😀 A British girl and her Italian boyfriend :9 It was really nice on the BBQ. Mr Chau was our chef for 1,5h and he always filled up our plates with more and more food 😀 HAHAH But it was really nice. The couple had also stayed with Mr Chau at West White Hut last summer so they also knew each other 🙂

After the dinner we went home for a while and then I went to Baan Shabai 😛 WOHO! It was so nice! It was maybe 60 people there and only 5 people was dancing and they always play so good music! I was dancing for 1h or 2 and then I got a really bad headache and thought I need some wind so I walked down on the beach and when Im walking a coconut fell down on my shoulder!!!! Can you imagine if it would come on my head! I could die or at least got a worse headache then I already had HAHAH I would say I was really lucky! After that incident I felt that I need to get home and I went to sleep in a few seconds. I guess its easier to sleep when you can hear the waves from the sea 🙂  But when I woke up this morning I still got a headache and my throat was swollen 😦 I couldnt even drink my tea or eat my breakfast. But now its a bit better but I can really feel that i got a cold now so I will buy a scarf  that I can have when I drive my scooter. I guess tonight will be a reading-a-book-in-the-hammock-night 🙂

Koh Phangan in July

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Woow what a train ride! I dont know but I took some kind of Express train with only seats and I dont mind seats I prefer it but I could only chose AC and I dont like AC. I took the warmest clothes I have and I also got a blanket but I was freezing my ass off! So I couldent sleep. But that wasnt the only reason I couldnt sleep, I also decided to jump off in Chumphon because the Danish family next to me told me the train will be there 05.45 and I know the boat is at 07.00 and is not as far from the train to the pier in Chumphon as in Surat Thani so I decided to take a chance and jump off in Chumphon. Yes I know, I already payed to go to Surat Thani and that was 600Bt but I saw the Danish familys ticket ad they paid 450Bt so not that big different.  So we arrive at the train station around 06.30! So I bought a ticket for the ferry and that was 1000Bt!!!!! OOOh just because it is a longer way from Chumphon to Koh Phangan then it is from Surat Thani to Koh Phangan but I was already there and the train had already left.

The lady from Lomprayah that sold me the ticket told me the transfer from the train station to the boat is included. But the little minibus for 6 people was full and had already left so we was 9 people who didt have any transfer so the girl says that we can pay 100Bt extra and they will take us to the boat. I really didnt want to wait to 13.00 and arrive here 18.00 so all of us paid and there is one of those open jeeps so the Danish family was squeezed into 3 seats and they was 5 in the family and the rest of us was sitting in the back outside. Thats really common here in Asia that you do that but the thing was the driver was driving in 200KmH because we only had 15min until the boat leve! So we thought we will die!!! He didnt stop for red light or anything he was a f**king Idiot! But we didnt miss the boat. Because I was so cold from the train ride I was freezing in the boat…I really dont like AC!!!!

When I arrived….WOOOOW what a feeling! So nice! The smell of salt water and the little 7/11 ooh everything was just perfect! I took my little heavy bag and walked to Mr Chaus bike shop and who sits there on a little stone bench….Mr Chau!!! OOh he was so happy to see me and I was so happy to see him 🙂 I rented a bike from him ( the same bike as I had before, my blue Scoopy) and we drove together to Phan Gang Villa 🙂 He fixt a good price for me and invited me for Thai BBQ 19.00 tonight 🙂 That will be fun!

So the first thing I did after that was to take a walk on the beach to see if I could see Mama dog and Buddha but I havent seen them yet 😦 But I have seen Mermaid and her friends 🙂  The thing is a saw the neighbors puppy a little brown/white puppy and that puppy is big now and it is a big black dog there also with some back legs problem and have the same sad eyes as Buddha but thats a boy….So we thought it was a boy but then a girl and who knows maybe it is a boy….?

Then I took a ride on the Island on my favorite roads, went to 7/11 for a beer and then went to Big C to buy some dog food. After that is seems to be rain so I went to cookies for a massage and they are the best massage EVER! Always so good and it doesnt matter who you get all of them is so good!

It was really sad to see the old West White Hut 😦 It is destroyed….Fancy pancy bungalows!

But Its time to get ready for some Thai BBQ and I also hope that I will have time to go to Baan Shabaii tonight 😉

Last weekend in BKK

So this was the last weekend in Bangkok…Or I think so ahah 🙂 My friend James came up here and his brother John just arrived to BKK so we was hanging out for a bit.
Friday, the plan was to go to the weekend market but it start to rain so I went to Paragon shopping mall… Bought some things like a skirt, shirt…just boring things, nothing speciall. Then me and Adam went down to Soi 11 to the campervan bars and took a few beers and then we meet up James and John på Levels. It was fun to meet them and it was so long time ago so we had alot to talk about but it was so crowded and loud music in Levels so I didnt hear so much of the conversation.
Saturday, me and Adam woke up really late so we went to Center World shopping mall to eat some brunch and do some shopping hahah when we arrived there it was some MC convention there and it was maybe 500 bikes there!!! It was fun to walk around there. Then we went into H&M and I bought a really nice jacket on the Men department and it was on sale 50% and size XS so perfect for me 🙂 Later yesterday night we went to Khaosan Road hahah oooh always the same shit there. Drunk, young, backpackers. Its fun to see 4 times and I have done it more then 4 times so its not so fun anymore and it also start to rain really, really much!! so we decided to go into The Club, but hey they started to do enterance there so we went to another place and played some pool 😉 I didnt win a single time hahah but it was fun. After that we went home and on the way home I meet John on Soi 11 and we took one beer and then I went home because I needed to pack my bag… Im going to…… KOH PHANGAN!!!  Wohooo So today 22.50 is my train 🙂 Im a bit sad because I miss Blackmoon party…Its today but I will go to Baan Sabai afterparty tomorrow so its goood 😉
But now its cupcake time 😛

Mmh Fooood!


I made some really good Japanese curry yesterday. Its so easy to made. I didnt use any meet this time so then its just carrots, potatos, onion, water, japanese curry paste. Boil everything together and when the carrots and the potatos are ready then you put in the curry paste and let it boil for 5min and then its ready to eat. Mmmmmh!!! I also finde the pink ginger that I love so I bought a bag and Adam dont like the ginger so I have everything for myself hihi 🙂


What have happen the last few days…

At Koh Phangan everything was so easy! I always went to the massage place next to Cookies and they was so good,  I think it was 200Bht there.

Sunday I went to Wat Po Massage and wow what a big project! I took a taxi there because I know it will take me 100 years to get there if I take the train, then boat, then walk and it was already over 14.00 and they close 17.00 so I felt a bit stressy to get there ( I had tried to get there the day before but it was too late) I have been at the same massage center but in Chiang Mai and they are really good so I really wanted to go to that one but here in Bangkok. When I arrived there it took me 30min to find it. It was inside the temple. I had chemise and shorts so I couldent walk into the temple like that. I was so lucky that I took my sarong with me so I could wear that as a skirt.

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I pay the 100B for the entrance for the temple and I walked around a bit trying to find the building with the massage. When you walk inside the temple is just left, left, left as far as you can walk. I needed to wait for 30min so I took a look at the temple and took some pictures. When it  was  my turn I walked back and the lady in the counter was yelling ” Nr 29!!!! , Nr 30!!!” So I paied and walked to the end of this big room. They dont wash your feet and I guess because I had skirt I got pants but no shirt. The girl who gave me massage was really good but hey the atmosphere was not relaxing at all!!

The room can maybe take 50 customers and there is no curtains so its just a big room full with beds. You can hear the counter girl scream every 2min and its not a very nice, relaxing, feeling in there. So the famous Wat Po Massage… I dont know I wouldent recommend it to anyone… There is so many places when the girls and the atmosphere is good.

  • Wat Po Massage   (Wat Po Temple)                                                                                                     Price for a Thai massage 1h is 400B + 100B entrance fee for the temple.                                                       They dont wash your feet, you dont get any clothes and after the massage you get a water.
  • Reflex Place Massage Therapy ( Soi 19, Sukhumvit)                                                                                              Price for a Thai massage 1h is 300B. They wash your feet, you get clothes and hot tea after the massage. The girls are really, really good. The girls may be a bit ruff but in a good way.
  • Just Jenny Spa ( Soi 16, Sukhumvit)                                                                         Price, if I dont remember it wrong it was 250B for 1h Thai massage. They wash your feet, you get clothes and hot tea after. They also got WIFI and the girls are really, really good.


Today I will try another one thats near Soi 21 and only 150B. So I really hope that is good 🙂


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