What have happen the last few days…

At Koh Phangan everything was so easy! I always went to the massage place next to Cookies and they was so good,  I think it was 200Bht there.

Sunday I went to Wat Po Massage and wow what a big project! I took a taxi there because I know it will take me 100 years to get there if I take the train, then boat, then walk and it was already over 14.00 and they close 17.00 so I felt a bit stressy to get there ( I had tried to get there the day before but it was too late) I have been at the same massage center but in Chiang Mai and they are really good so I really wanted to go to that one but here in Bangkok. When I arrived there it took me 30min to find it. It was inside the temple. I had chemise and shorts so I couldent walk into the temple like that. I was so lucky that I took my sarong with me so I could wear that as a skirt.

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I pay the 100B for the entrance for the temple and I walked around a bit trying to find the building with the massage. When you walk inside the temple is just left, left, left as far as you can walk. I needed to wait for 30min so I took a look at the temple and took some pictures. When it  was  my turn I walked back and the lady in the counter was yelling ” Nr 29!!!! , Nr 30!!!” So I paied and walked to the end of this big room. They dont wash your feet and I guess because I had skirt I got pants but no shirt. The girl who gave me massage was really good but hey the atmosphere was not relaxing at all!!

The room can maybe take 50 customers and there is no curtains so its just a big room full with beds. You can hear the counter girl scream every 2min and its not a very nice, relaxing, feeling in there. So the famous Wat Po Massage… I dont know I wouldent recommend it to anyone… There is so many places when the girls and the atmosphere is good.

  • Wat Po Massage   (Wat Po Temple)                                                                                                     Price for a Thai massage 1h is 400B + 100B entrance fee for the temple.                                                       They dont wash your feet, you dont get any clothes and after the massage you get a water.
  • Reflex Place Massage Therapy ( Soi 19, Sukhumvit)                                                                                              Price for a Thai massage 1h is 300B. They wash your feet, you get clothes and hot tea after the massage. The girls are really, really good. The girls may be a bit ruff but in a good way.
  • Just Jenny Spa ( Soi 16, Sukhumvit)                                                                         Price, if I dont remember it wrong it was 250B for 1h Thai massage. They wash your feet, you get clothes and hot tea after. They also got WIFI and the girls are really, really good.


Today I will try another one thats near Soi 21 and only 150B. So I really hope that is good 🙂



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