Koh Phangan in July

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Woow what a train ride! I dont know but I took some kind of Express train with only seats and I dont mind seats I prefer it but I could only chose AC and I dont like AC. I took the warmest clothes I have and I also got a blanket but I was freezing my ass off! So I couldent sleep. But that wasnt the only reason I couldnt sleep, I also decided to jump off in Chumphon because the Danish family next to me told me the train will be there 05.45 and I know the boat is at 07.00 and is not as far from the train to the pier in Chumphon as in Surat Thani so I decided to take a chance and jump off in Chumphon. Yes I know, I already payed to go to Surat Thani and that was 600Bt but I saw the Danish familys ticket ad they paid 450Bt so not that big different. Β So we arrive at the train station around 06.30! So I bought a ticket for the ferry and that was 1000Bt!!!!! OOOh just because it is a longer way from Chumphon to Koh Phangan then it is from Surat Thani to Koh Phangan but I was already there and the train had already left.

The lady from Lomprayah that sold me the ticket told me the transfer from the train station to the boat is included. But the little minibus for 6 people was full and had already left so we was 9 people who didt have any transfer so the girl says that we can pay 100Bt extra and they will take us to the boat. I really didnt want to wait to 13.00 and arrive here 18.00 so all of us paid and there is one of those open jeeps so the Danish family was squeezed into 3 seats and they was 5 in the family and the rest of us was sitting in the back outside. Thats really common here in Asia that you do that but the thing was the driver was driving in 200KmH because we only had 15min until the boat leve! So we thought we will die!!! He didnt stop for red light or anything he was a f**king Idiot! But we didnt miss the boat. Because I was so cold from the train ride I was freezing in the boat…I really dont like AC!!!!

When I arrived….WOOOOW what a feeling! So nice! The smell of salt water and the little 7/11 ooh everything was just perfect! I took my little heavy bag and walked to Mr Chaus bike shop and who sits there on a little stone bench….Mr Chau!!! OOh he was so happy to see me and I was so happy to see him πŸ™‚ I rented a bike from him ( the same bike as I had before, my blue Scoopy) and we drove together to Phan Gang Villa πŸ™‚ He fixt a good price for me and invited me for Thai BBQ 19.00 tonight πŸ™‚ That will be fun!

So the first thing I did after that was to take a walk on the beach to see if I could see Mama dog and Buddha but I havent seen them yet 😦 But I have seen Mermaid and her friends πŸ™‚ Β The thing is a saw the neighbors puppy a little brown/white puppy and that puppy is big now and it is a big black dog there also with some back legs problem and have the same sad eyes as Buddha but thats a boy….So we thought it was a boy but then a girl and who knows maybe it is a boy….?

Then I took a ride on the Island on my favorite roads, went to 7/11 for a beer and then went to Big C to buy some dog food. After that is seems to be rain so I went to cookies for a massage and they are the best massage EVER! Always so good and it doesnt matter who you get all of them is so good!

It was really sad to see the old West White Hut 😦 It is destroyed….Fancy pancy bungalows!

But Its time to get ready for some Thai BBQ and I also hope that I will have time to go to Baan Shabaii tonight πŸ˜‰


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