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My flight home yesterday was one of the worst… or it was the worst I ever fly with. I always just take the cheapest and then I know I get what I pay for. I dont need it fancy or anything but I expect a bit service when you pay for it.

When I booked the flight, last-minute, most of the prices was the same so I took Norwegian because they only had 11,5h flight direct Bangkok to Stockholm. I have fly with Norwegian many times and I thing they are really good. When I have fly with Norwegian before it has always been in Europe so just a few hours and I get good service, wifi, food and a really good service ūüôā So my options was Thai airways 29h or Norwegian 11,5h for the same price so I took Norwegian because I dont want to spend 29h travelling for the same price.

When I booked the ticket I needed to click that I want to pay 50 eur extra for check in my bag, food and reservation seat. When you book it you dont have any choice you need to accept this otherwise you cant move to the next step. So the flight was in time and I get onboard, take my seat and the flight looks nice like a normal flight. As soon as we are up in the air the serve us the first meal. Dry chicken with hard rice, old vegetables and some smelly fish salad ¬†and a glass of water, wine or pepsi. After about 1h they lower the temperature to maybe 17 degrees!!! It was sooooo f**king cold I thought we will die in this freezer to airplane! They only do that because they dont give you any blankets, you need to buy them for 5$! Its a really thin blanket so its not so helpful at all. I asked the cabin crew to higher the temperature but the first time she said she will do it and the second time she said “its not that cold and if I dont think its that cold I cant do anything” ¬†HAHAH what a service!!!! We also had tv screens on the seats but you need to pay them to put hem on, I think it was 20$. After 6h I asked the girl when the next meal comes and she said that the next meal will be later and if Im hungry now I can buy something and then she gave me a menu. The only food on the menu was pasta with meet so if you are vegetarian, vegan or gluten allergic then the only thing you can eat is candy or a small portion of nachos and salsa. After 10h then they serve the last meal and that was a tiny sandwich with loads of butter and a small yoghurt and then you also get 3 small vacuum packaged cups with juice.

It was the worst ever! I think the cabin crew was so unfriendly!

Norwegian is good in Europe for short distance flight but for long distance flight Norwegian is like Ryanair is in Europe… SHIT! I would rather fly 29h and know that this 29h will be good then to fly again with Norwegian for that many hours. Its not worth it at all! It would be another thing if they did as Ryanair, that you only pay for the flight taxes and if you want to check in your bag you pay extra but 10h without food and a crappy service when you have paided extra for the service charge… ¬†¬†It was shit! Dont fly with Norwegian for long ¬†distance even if they are “cheap”.


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