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So when Im traveling people always ask me how I have afore to travel for a long time and work for a short time. Last year, 2012 is a good example.

I went to India in 2011 and after  6 month in India I went to Nepal and finally Japan.  I came back to Norway in July 2012. Im a hard worker and easy to learn new things and I have a really good boss so I got my old job back for a few month. I was in Norway for 4 month but I was only working 50%, 2 weeks a month.   I met Adam in Japan and his plan was to travel in Europe a bit and he is a funny guy 😉 so I decided to join him 2weeks a month 🙂 It was really fun! We went to England, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy…. So it was a real Euro trip 😉

As you can see I did some travel in 2012 🙂 I also had a rent for my room to pay and that was 5000NOK (633EUR). So I travel, work and saved money in 2month work!!  I always work my ass off and I just started with that again! I love it and I hate it! You get tired and feel that you really need a vacation 😉 Like yesterday and today I have been working 25h of 48h…. Its not that long but with my job it is. We have 4 workstations and every station got 3 different phones with different sounds and even if you are alone here all the 12 phones are calling at the same time and all the stupid costumers with their stupid questions calls all the time… OOOH!!! I almost get crazy in here some times… whatever, its just for a short time and its good paid 🙂

So many of my friends always says that they think they can save the same amount as I do here in Norway…. I think thats bullshit! You cant save money when you have the best of the best friends around you! Birthday presents, cinemas, party, new clothes, train tickets….. I can go on and on… But yes, I do all those things here in Norway aswell for twice the price, but the thing is that all the people you hangout with here in Norway are here for the same reason and that is to live cheap and save for travels aand have fuuun 🙂 Its easier to save when everyone around you doing the same thing 🙂

Everything in Norway is really expensive like cigarettes 13EUR, coffee 7EUR, beer 5EUR or milk 2EUR…. That is CRAZY! But you will have a really good wage and its only 1h by car/bus to Sweden thats almost 50% cheaper than Norway.  Fruit, vegetables and pasta is cheap so you dont need to starve here 🙂



The first thing you do before you arrive to Norway is to find a cheap place to stay, thats the hardest thing because it starts to get CRAZY expensive here with accommodation. When I first arrived to Norway 2008 we was 4 people in a 2 room apartment and we paid not even 250EUR pr person and now its really hard to find a room for less than 560EUR. If you want to save money, accommodation is the last thing you want to spend your money on.

Most of the people lives in collective and no one wants to pay a high rent so you will live like “rats” HAHAH The biggest collective I have lived in was with 10 people, 4 girls and 6 guys and it was always dirty and when we had a big cleaning day we always celebrate it with tacos and in the end of the day it looks like shit again hahahah The collectives here in Oslo is like a dirty hostel in Europe! But hey, its the cheapest option 😉

You can find many Facebook groups that specializing on accommodation in Norway. For example in Oslo: Svenskar i Oslo, Bostad Oslo, Rent in Oslo….

Or you can find accommodation on,, Or you can just do couch surfing 🙂 One thing with Norway is that non of the big Norwegian websites is in English but you can just use Google Translate 😉

Tax Card

When you arrive to Norway you go to the nearest tax office ( skatteetaten ) and fill in loads of paper and have a copy of your passport.

You need to fill in a address, name of the company you will work for and how much you will earn. The thing is that at this point you maybe havent got any job yet so just make up something like: Adecco, Manpower, Kellys and write that you will earn 20.000NOK and that will be fine 🙂

This will take between 2-6 weeks depend on how bussy they are. When you get the papers you will have your Norwegian ID.Nr.

If you get your first salary before you get the ID.Nr paper you need to pay 50% so just tell your work to what with the payment until you get the papers 🙂


Bank account 

To get a bank account you need an ID.Nr. As soon as you get the papers you open your bank account and most of the bank charge you 30EUR when you open an account. When you have that you can get your first salary.


You can find some job at Facebook especially on Svenskar i Oslo (everything is in Swedish but we understand English) 🙂

The biggest site for jobs is or  🙂 With my experience here in Norway they wont let you come to an interview if they not going to hire you 😉  So as soon as you get an interview you will get the job, if your not the most unsocial person on earth!



Its easy for everyone to get a job here and it is expensive and you will live like a rat but you do it together with other rats so you will not be alone 🙂





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