Walk in Oslo

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Yesterday was a really cozy day! Me, Cecilia and Conny went to our place and made some really good food! Conny made really, really, yummy, yummy smoothies 😛 It was kiwi, mango and something else… but it was soo good!! We have also start to watch “Million Dollar Listing” and wooow! I think that would be a fun job to have 😛 Or at least for some time in my life 🙂 But no stress…I can do it later!

HAHAHA OOh It feels like I have been telling myself that everyday the last month! Im so confused at work… Im that type of person that need to finish the things I start immediately and the last month I have start with 1000 things and I always say that I will do it later, and yes I do it later but the thing is that I already have 999 other things I have start that I need to be finish with. I really need to sort this out because it make me a bit stressed to have so many half finish and I dont like to be stressed! 🙂

Around 20.30 yesterday evening we went to Akerselve and took a walk next to the river. Its a really beautiful river which pass through Oslo and its still green around the river and it was so many people walking next to the river yesterday. One a year everyone that wants to take a walk from the top of the river until it runs out into the fjord. All the way down to the fjord its art, music and things to eat and its dark and cozy with candles all the way from the top to the end of the river 🙂

If you are here in Oslo and want to see some of Oslo and a bit of nature the you should take a walk next to the river! It really beautiful in the winter, spring, summer, autumn 😀 All year!

Now its only 1h left and the Im off after 11h work 🙂 wooohooo!!! But my weekend starts tomorrow after 18.00 because Im working tomorrow aswell…. 🙂


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Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. I love to travel, I did my first travel with a friend when I was 15 and after that I couldnt stop... I want to see more, more and more. But the most importaint thing for me is all the people I meet, all the new experience they give me and all the amazing storys they have and with a mix of everything I get more brave, explored, smarter, so in the end I get richer of life

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