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New week

So this week is one of my last weeks here in Oslo. Im leving Oslo around the 10.11. Need to look at tickets to Stockholm before they get too expencive. I cant whait o get to the sun and all the happy people!! Not that people here in cold scandinavia are not happy but in the heat and sun people gets a bit more happy!
This song is my song of the year! I got it from my Russian friend on Koh Phangang and from that day I have listen to it every day! The only thing you need is good headphones or speakers and just relax!

Cozy Sunday


The Halloween party yesterday was fun but it was maybe just 20% of the guests who had a costume hahah but it was fun! Cecilia looked really good 😉 She was a pirate with long black hair, normaly ahe has big curly blond hair, like a angel 😉 I was just sad witch with tears 🙂
We forfot that today was the day when you change to winter time ao we woke up 08.30! Hahah
Today is raining so its a movie day 😉 allreafy watch White House and it was a good movie. Now its time for some yummy and the candles are on fire and its sooo cozypozy!! 🙂



We start a bit early but we will go to a halloween party today 😉
We just woke up and its time to find a costume…. I dont know what to be this year but Ill find something! Woohoo! Some people have the party this week or on the 31th or next weekend so I love this weeks when everyone walks around like zombiez or vampires 😉 hahah its fun!

Moveing time



This week I have helped cecilia to move into her apartment and it looks so good!!! Im so happy!  My first Swedish friend in Oslo with a own apartment 😉 hahah
But now its food time and we have made some vegiterian taco with wrap 😉 mmmh yummy!

I didnt see the snow


I guess last week was the last week fot this year with some good weather. This weekend has been so cold! It has been around 5 degrees and I really wish the snow is comming when I have left…
This weekend has been a very long weekend, we havent done anything speciall just watch a few movies and made alot of food… we did Applepie, Brownies, Dhal, Chappati and pancakes… ahaha a wierd mix but really good! Mmmh 🙂
The plan was to move into Cecilias new apartment on Friday but we didnt get the keys so we will move this week depend on when we get the key 🙂
I work evenings this week so Im off work 00:00 and it will take a while to get home because I need to walk from work to the subway and thats maybe 20min walk andthen whait for the train and then walk from the center home so it will take a while to get home and it will be Ice cold!  But I rather work evenings then days because its so much better work hour…. the office is empty and not so many phones and almost no emails just some small work to do 😛 wooohoo!
The best thing to wotk late is that I dont need to get up in the morning when its cold and some of my friends on facebook said they saw the first snow this morning but when I woke up today I didnt see any snow 🙂
I hope I dont see any snow this year 😉



We end this weekend and start this day with some homemade pancakes 🙂 We are 3 girls and non of us know how to flipp a pancake haha but we are lucky that Johannes is here today so he could make us pancakes 🙂 mmmh good start of the day.
I think we will just be home today and watch a movie or something… Next week Im working evenings so It will be a boring week next week… but you never know maybe something else happening 🙂



I made some friday cookies 🙂

Ready and Booked




I havent write anything for a long time now but I havent done so much… It starts to get really cold and yesterday night it was only 3 degrees and I dont like when its cold 😦  A few days ago it was really beautiful weather, not warm at all, but sunny and blue sky. The picture is from that day during the sunset and it was so beautiful! behind the houses on the picture you can see the mountains 🙂 I wish Ill get my camera back because for the moment its gone so I cant take any nice pictures and my phone is not a super-camera-Iphone-delux so… 🙂

Today its also really good weather and Im almost done at work so its almost weekend 😛

I also did a thing today…. I booked my ticket to the sun 😉 WOOOHOOOO!!!! So in 33 days Im on my way 😀 I need to start to plan a bit because for the moment it is a bit stressy… I need to fix the last things at work, book a ticket back to Sweden, pack my things because Ill move soon, fix a new passport because mine is full, maybe fix a visa and some other small things 🙂





I did the best brownie ever! It was sooo goood and it just melting in my mouth and the nutts are perfect roasted and crispy! Mmmh wish you could taste 😉
Its time for bed now because its allready a new day and I need to get to work in a few hours so I need a few hours of beauty sleep 😉





This week is almost over and I havent done anything fun 😦 I have been working and sick…. I was working today and I decided to walk home because it was so beautiful weather 🙂 Its not that warm at all! Maybe only 10 degrees in the sun so it really starts early this year. But I took a little walk and just look at the pictures!  Its so beautiful with all the colors 🙂
Today its Saturday and Im not working tomorrow but Im a bit tired so I think I will just be home and watch a movie or something 🙂

Happy Anniversary to me!




Today I have had my blog for 1 year 🙂 I still think this is fun so keep reading 😉

I havent done so much lately… I have been sick so Im asleep all day and Im working night so not that much happening for the moment. 

Today me and Cecilia is working together and that was maybe 2 years ago we was working night together 🙂 Its really fun!! We have played some football and bought alot of candy and chips 😉 We have also done most of the work now so we will close the light in the office and watch a movie 🙂 

I will work on Saturday too so this weekend will be a bit boring weekend…. But you never know whats happening in the future 🙂

Thailand in my dreams!



Im back from Sweden and I didnt do anything because I was sick the whole weekend 😦 Im still sick so Im home from work today and tomorrow 🙂
I went to the little corner shop and found out that they have my favourit drink from Thailand, OISHI!!! so I bought some mellon and oishi and Im dreaming away to the sun 🙂
Not so long time left for more adventures in Asia 😉



Im in Stockholm and the weather is great! It is a bit cold but not as cold as in Oslo… Its so bright in the morning here 🙂 Normaly when I go to work its starts to get a brighter around 07:45 but here it was allready sunshine at 06: 45!
I had time at the doctor 08:00 in the city. I had never been there before and I was so surprised when I came into the whaiting room! It looked like a castle! It has one of the most beautiful view in Stockholm, over the sea and Djurgården (a Island) 🙂 It really felt like I was a Queen or at least that I was in the Kings castle!



Im at the airport now on my way to Stocholm 🙂 Its just a short trip… Ill be back to Oslo on Sunday night so its not so long time 🙂
I will fly to Stockholm and I will take the bus back and when I booked the bus back it was really expencive!  It will take 8h on the bus and I payed 40€ and my flight was the same and will take me 50min! I remember a few years ago the bus was cheap and it took 7h 😦
This will be the second time Im home this year and I will go back home one more time before I go to… I havent decide yeat but Im 90% sure that I will go back to Thailand soon 🙂 But I always decide in the last minute because maybe something else shows up 🙂



Today have been a nice day at work and tomorrow will be eaven better because tomorrow is Wednesday and I will go to Sweden 🙂  Meet my family and friends!!! Today we bought some cake 🙂 mmmh yummy

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